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   Feelings of anxiety ran through Destiny like a train through a cow. She then begin to type aimlessly on the keyboard. “Destiny please don’t forget the phone.” Her mothers voice was caring in nature as it spoke. “I remember when you used to love using the phone. Never forget that. Always talk and stay active. Keep moving and always be moving forward. Destiny then looked back hoping to see something she lost behind her. “Don’t look back. Be good, be smart, and plan ahead.” Her mother now sounded as if full of concern and yet calm about it. 

   Destiny then looked at the screen in front of her and this time a message was written in blue. It then read, love life and stay loyal. Stand for something or you will fall for anything. “What does all of this mean?” Destiny asked calmly, but her would be response would then be interrupted by a telephone ringing. She stood up and begin to search for the phone without success. The sound of ringing soon turned into the sound of gunfire. 

   “Destiny remember to keep moving forward and only stop when you have what your looking for. Then you will release the world from its abused troubles.” Suddenly a gray elephant with a long trunk appeared looking away from her.    


   Jessica’s screams had awaken Destiny. Destiny woke up alert and her heart pounding as she looked around for reason. “Crap!.” Blaike was laying on the ground as if he had just fallen again. Destiny then looked down by her feet and seen a fragment grenade. She screamed as Blaike ran over and grabbed it. He then threw it out of the small hole in the back and as soon as his hand was back into the hole the grenade exploded sending a few small shards of metal into his forehead. Luckily these shards had ricocheted their way into the hole only leaving them with enough force to dig through his skin but stop at the bone. 

   “What the hell was that!” David screamed into the back as he brought the vehicle to a halt. Blaike then stumbled to the front and tripped over Jason. David looked down to see that blood was now dripping from Blaike’s head. “Jessica help him! Destiny your going to have to drive!” David said as he hopped over Blaike  and made his way to the turret. 

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