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   “I promise Beth.” And as the boy held her just as tightly a shooting star flew above the tree line and the watched through the small window as soon more followed. As the night sky filled with little balls of fire so to the hearts of the young teenagers as the moment of the first claim of life came into focus setting the moment so deep that both would surely remember forever as the first time they ever said, 


   “Yes Jason?”

   “I love you.”

   “I love you too.” With that said the two watched as the sky fell and thought about how their love would be forever and always. 

   Jason began to see tears in his eyes fall as he began to choke on his words from the feelings that soon followed the memory. “I love you Beth.” 

   Not a sound was heard and silence filled the room as Jason held his head in shame. Suddenly the lock on the stall door unlatched and Beth opened the stall door. Jason could see her crying just as well. She stood from the toilet and as she spoke, “I love you too Jason.” Jason hugged her as tight as he remembered he did when he first laid claim to his heart as did she him. The two then kissed as Monk could be heard from the bar through the bathroom door.

   “Ok we have the book which means that Kane still needs the stones in them to make this machine work. He can’t open the other portals without them which means that either he had other ones made which we know won’t work or he is trying to get us to come to him. He wants us to come to his speech so we can be seen as traitors live on television on the news so everyone can watch and see what he wants the people to think we are. If we go to this he will take the jewels and the books or he will manage to get himself killed either way we will be seen as the bad guys when his men kill us. I can see it even now.” 

   “Yeah but what if we just assassinate him.” Blaike said as he chased his shot of scotch with the soda. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Beth walked out of it wiping tears from her eyes.

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