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   “Go and keep moving forward until you get it!” As Blaike yelled this Jessica, Destiny, and Leane ran to the tree line and searched for the trigger. The smoke was now more then enough spread for the peace keepers to comfortably find there targets as those words echoed in Destiny’s mind. 

   “Nate look in there and see if there is anything we can use!” After saying this Blaike shot rapidly and killed three peace keepers that held the nest to the left of the cave entrance. As Nate ran into the A.P.C Trent killed the three that held the nest to the right of the cave. Both nests were then refilled and rapid gunfire exited them sooner then time allowed. 

   Suddenly another roar was heard from inside and as Nate found some more ammo five loud thuds on the bottom of the A.P.C knocked Nate to over Jason’s wrapped legs. He then lifted himself using the bench and picked up the ammo he had dropped. “What the hell was that!” Nate yelled this only to be answered by another roar and subsequently two more thuds. Nate stumbled as the A.P.C was pushed back a bit. “What the hell is that!” Nate yelled again through fear and anger.

   “I’m out!” Trent’s voice could be heard from outside faintly as he yelled to the others. 

   “Here!” Nate yelled as he clutched the roof of the vehicle and pulled himself out with one hand. “Catch!” He then threw three magazines to Trent. As he caught one the other two landed near his feet. 

   Destiny ran as she followed the advice her great parent had given her. She ran towards the tree baring the huge trunk. She ran as fast as she could as bullets chased her every swift step. She begin to run paralleling the tree line and as she jumped over Blaike she tripped and rolled into her landing. This inadvertently cause her to roll back to her feet as she continued to run.

   Gunfire filled the air as the girls searched the trees and brush for the trigger. As Destiny neared the tree she had been running to a bullet hit her right hand. She then screamed out in pain as she dropped into the brush just mere feet from the tree. “Destiny!” Leane yelled after following the screams with her eyes.

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