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   The hole in Destiny’s hand bled as she laid in the brush waiting for help to come. She knew there was something about the tree trunk and her dream but she couldn’t seem to get to the tree. Blood leaked into the earth as she begin to crawl the rest of the way still crying and bringing pain with her. “It’s ok. It’s ok. It will heal. It will heal.” She repeated to herself as she kept moving forward.

   “Destiny!” Jessica screamed praying to whatever god decided to listen that Destiny was still ok. However, Destiny was to scared to signal her well being. She knew that if she did that she would find death sooner then she would even touch the huge tree trunk.

   “Just keep moving forward Destiny. Just keep moving forward.” She repeated as her crawl begin to slow from the pain becoming worse. Destiny soon stopped moving and begin breathing rapidly. Fear soon entered her soul from her hand as she stared at it and watched the blood continue to slid out. She tore the sleeve from her shirt and wrapped it around her hand. She then tied it around her wrist and thought about her dream. 

   As Destiny thought about her dream Jessica looked down to find that she had been hit by shrapnel in her left leg. She reached down as she sat in the tall thick grass and felt the metal just above her ankle. She muffled her the scream that would otherwise give away her location as she yanked out the protrusion.

   Sandra took Trent’s place after dressing his wound and tying off the blood flow above his knee. She shot down four peace keepers in the nest and was surprised to find that there were no replacements. “This sides clear!” She yelled as Blaike screamed with fury. She turned her head to find that she could no longer see Blaike anywhere. She then knelt behind the tipped A.P.C and reloaded her pistols.

   “I think Blaike was hit.” Trent said. He slid himself to lean against the A.P.C between the turret and Sandra. They both sat for a moment as the situation hung heavy over their hearts. Trent checked his ammo and reloaded his rifle.

   “Did you see what happened?” Sandra asked through heartache as she slid against the A.P.C till she was standing. She wanted to cry badly but no tears would come. She was still full of hate and well over to much adrenaline to afford to cry. 

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