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   “No. But I got like five here that wont die man!” Nate said as he reloaded his weapon. “Oh my god!”

   “What!” Sandra and Trent yelled as Sandra climbed up onto the turret again. 

   “Two of em just went to the other nest man.” Nate said. After saying this Nate felt his body fill with hesitation and anger. “They wont die!” As those words left his mouth a bullet entered his mind. 

   “Where are they? I don’t see them!” Sandra said as she lifted her head above the side of the vehicle. All she found were two nests and no reply. “Nate!” Still no answer. “Nate?” She said as she turned to look down on the ground where Nate was. Trent pulled Nate to safety behind the A.P.C. He then rolled him over and after pushing as hard as he could he was over come with grief. Another one of his best friends had died and as Trent watched blood pour from Nate’s head he wished it were him instead. “This is bull!” 

   “It’s ok Sandra. He died protecting us. We just, we just. God this is bull, isn’t it. We are all gona die here.” Trent said as he put his hands over his eyes and bent his good leg. “I knew we should never of come here.”

   Jessica crawled toward where she last seen Destiny. As she thought about David and hoped that he was ok her wound gradually healed. The gunfire soon stopped and fear set into Jessica making her move faster. Elbow over knee, she moved fast until she was in a small clearing around a huge tree trunk. “Destiny.” Jessica whispered as she lay on her chest and stayed still, allowing her body time to relax. “Destiny.” She again whispered as she touched the tree with her wounded hand.

   “Jessica be quiet.” As Jessica heard Destiny’s voice from behind the tree there came also a loud roar from within the cave. Yet the roar was not a ferocious roar of power. No, this roar was as if the creature who had created it was now in pain. Perhaps even dying. “I found it.” As Destiny whispered this and sent relief into Jessica’s heart Sandra was giving up hope.

   “Are they all dead?” Trent asked as he looked down at his wound dress which seemed to be thickening with blood. He sent his hand to it only to find that his hand was now covered in blood. 

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