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   “Blaike is still alive.” Sandra replied as she looked pass Nate’s head to see peace keepers aiming straight at her. Her site seeing was returned with hostility as bullets slammed into the armored truck near her face.

   “How do you know?” Trent asked as his sight begin to become blurry. He looked down at his leg again to see that around it blood was slowly forming on the ground.

   “It’s hard to explain. I just know.” She spoke with such certainty that it seemed to Trent that she was carrying an inner monologue with Blaike. “Don’t worry everything will be fine Trent.” Sandra assured as Trent looked up at the sky. 

   “No.” Trent said with a smile that seemed to pass through fear and sadness. “Nothing is ok.”

   “What do you mean?” As Sandra said this Blaike raised his head inconspicuously and seen a peace keeper moving in on the two. 

   “I am dying and what’s worse is I cheated on her.” Trent then begin to cry as he continued, “I love her to death and I cheated on her.” He put his hands to his face and wiped his tears.

   “It’s ok we all make mistakes. She loves you and even if she knew you cheated on her it wouldn’t change anything.” Sandra then realized he said he was dying, “You not going to die on me now are ya? We got to get back at them.” Sandra turned away from trying to view what was going on behind the A.P.C and looked upon Trent. She then found his face was full of blood. “Why’s blood on your face?” 

   Just then gunfire was heard coming from Blaike’s position and the sound of a body slamming onto the ground behind the A.P.C. “Watch that other side!” Blaike yelled as he laid back down in his hole. He then heard gunfire coming from Sandra’s position. Fear set into Blaike as a feeling of loss moved its way pass his heart to his mind.

   “What should I do Jess?” Destiny whispered as she grasped the detonator. She looked down at it and stared at the red button as she leaned against the back of the huge tree trunk. Another raor was then heard coming from the cave. This roar stopped so abruptly that the only reasoning behind it would be that the beast had been slain. “Jessica?” 

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