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   “Oh come on Trent. No body has to know.” Tina stood in front of a queen size bed unbuttoning her shirt. “I won’t tell if you don’t” She said as she sat down on the bed. Trent looked her over and took in the sight of her desirable naked body. Her firm breasts echoed throughout Trent’s system hitting every nerve of himself and soon he was fully erect. Tina looked down at his pants and found the area to appear hard. 

   Trent knew there was no denying it. He wanted her more so right now then she wanted him. A feeling of wonder stood with him as she too stood and walked towards him. Trent watched the satin sheets hold Tina’s body’s print until his mind was blurred by a kiss. 

   The sound of gunfire and Trent’s gaze upon the wooded area around him was darkened as he felt Tina rubbing his sexual drive. Her hands slid up his chest taking with them his shirt. The feeling of her wrists grazing his chest was intoxicating. Almost as much as the situation he found himself aroused by.

   “I want you inside me Trent.” Tina said after letting Trent’s shirt fall to the floor. Suddenly Trent felt a painful sensation across the right side of his face.

   “Trent! You stay with us damn it!” Trent looked up to see Blaike standing above his bleeding leg holding in his hands a rifle. “Damn it Trent! You better not fucking die on me!” Trent looked up at Blaike and nodded. Trent felt so cold and weak all he could seem to muster was a nod just as if not weaker then he.

   “Here Trent you hold onto this.” Sandra guided Trent’s hand to a bit of wood that was twisted in a shirt sleeve that was tied around his leg just above his knee. His leg begin to feel colder and colder until he could no longer feel anything from it but the throbbing in his knee.

   “There should only be two or three left.” Blaike said as he peered around the A.P.C. His gaze was returned with gunfire that didn’t seem to stop. “You make sure you stay alive bro. It’s bad enough I already lost four of my best friends, I’m not gonna loose you too!”

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