There are many free SMS(short message service) sites which allow us to send text messages for free from website to cellphone…I have listed five of the best in business…

                                  (ii)Free SMS from wap site is one of its kind.

  • mginger-This new site on the scene is a big hit in India as they not only are a free SMS site, but also a money earner for those interested. Yes! They pay you for reading promotional SMSes you get on your mobile phone. You need to register on their site with your cellphone number. You get paid by check(cheque) once you reach the payout of Rs.300. The site can be trusted as it had a lot of media attention here in India. Sign up an earn some money while you also enjoy sending free SMSes.

         Capacity:not known

          Limit on SMS sending: none

          My comments:superb site! nothing else!

  • Mycantos:I first came across Mycantos on Orkut. It is used as an application on Orkut, the social networking site loved mostly by Indians. This site allows a 146 character SMS, and they have a collection of nice collection of SMSes which you are free to use them. They usually send small ads with the sent text message. You need to register your cell phone number with them.

         Capacity:146 characters, ads take seperate space.

          Limit on SMS sending: none

          My comments:Can send a good message more than just one liners…nice site.

  • India2Sms- While the first 4 free SMS sites in this list required free registration, India2Sms requires no registration of any kind. They clearly say on their site that they don’t believe in that registration stuff. The site is one of its kind and definitely I fell in love with it.

          Capacity:118 characters SMS

          Limit on SMS sending: none

          My comments:One of its kind!

While this list is certainly a good one, I can not guarantee that you may like these sites as I liked them. While many of us still enjoy paid SMS due to many reasons like we can send a long message in the form of SMS, the concept of free SMS might be liked by ones who 1)love to write less and 2)love to save money.

I would like to hear from my readers and this is my first post on, so I am new here.

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