FRIDAY NIGHT TRAGEDY.

We see a girl on phone at the airport [her name is robin]

Robin: [on phone] dad I’ll be fine it’s not like it’s the first time I’ll be staying alone and this is only for  a Few days.dad am sorry but i have to hang up now. [Sees her friend] Judith

JUDITH: [robin’s best friend] robin you are back [hug] tell me tell me [so excited] how was Nairobi

ROBIN: Nairobi was great i brought you something [gives her a paper bag]

JUDITH: Thank you, thank you I’m so glad you are back best friend our taxi is right there let’s go.

                                              AT THE RESTUARANT

DOROTHY: [Works at the restaurant] honey am going to work now can I see you in the evening                                        may be we can go out for dinner you know its been a while since we went out for dinner together.

LUCAS: [Dorothy’s boyfriend] i would really love to but i can’t tonight I already told the boys that i’ll join them you know its been a while since i went out with the boys. Please forgive me, I promise that i’ll make it up to you.  

DOROTHY: its okay i understand [hugs him] i love you sweetie

LUCAS:i love you too

DOROTHY: i’ll go for work now [smiles and enters the restuarant

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