Four guys get in trouble.

Dorothy: [enters with joan]am so glad you gals invited me here this feels good

Sam: uhm dorothy can i have a word with you in private

Dorothy: sure i’ll just take off my jacket

Sam: when your done come to the kitchen Lucas: i’ll leave you then since i don’t want to ruin your day[leaves angry]

Down town

Lucas: [gets out of his car] whats up name sake

Luke:[a guy in the neighbour hood] im not your name sake my name is luke as in the bible and yours i don’t know where your parents got it from

Lucas:but its the same pronounciation when mine is in short luc me and luke you

Luke: i hate you locus and i thought we were friends but you betrayed.

Lucas: luke i’m sorry i had no idea that it was her

Luke: too bad you won’t be apart of my entourage when i become famous

Henry: whats up with you and luke

Lucas: i slept with her dream girl

Henry: no you didn’t, how dare you that crazy guy liked you. so when was that

Lucas: when i was with claire

Henry: you cheated on claire

Lucas: thats not cheating i just slept with a couple of women and thats all

Henry: i’ll never let you get close to the woman i love. Poor luke and what he said about becoming famous

Lucas: yeah he has this big dream of becoming famous

 Henry: how will he become famous. Anyway the industry is short of scary things maybe they will hire him to act as a zombie cause they won’t have to waste alot of make up on him. His looks tell it all

Lucas: shut up, so how much is the stuff

Henry: its 200

Lucas: [laughs] you are kidding right, that staff can’t be that expensive

Henry: too bad you are not the one selling, anyway do you want the stuff or not

Lucas: here is the money

Henry: [gets up to get the stuff] so what was nick upto

Lucas: nothing much they’re just going to some party

Henry: i heard about the party too sheradan told me about it. But wait what are those guys going to do at that party

Lucas: you never stop asking stupid questions what do people do at a party

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