Short tale.

Shortly afterwards sounded something like a gasp, a cry of agony and when Roger was preparing to jump out of bed, glanced at the window and was almost paralyzed with terror. A human body swayed slowly to the window opening and the outside of the wall. Hanging by a rope tied around his neck and clearly sets out the other end in the upstairs window. An irresistible attraction to Roger forced to jump out of bed and come in time that the moonlight fell full on the face of the hanged. Pleyel was Gaultier, cowardly caught and killed. The tremendous cry of surprise and pain that awoke startled Roger released two archers.

-The flint and tinder, soon, said Tristan relaxed voice. This is a thing of moonlight spectra. Here is the lamp and now we see the faces.

Pleyel-is the poor, no doubt, growled Simon. But I’m damned if I did not adjust the accounts to the steward of the earth by the way he treated his guests!

-No, no, Simon, murderers are those bandits hiding in the woods I told you about before. And Baron, who knows what luck they will fit. Flight by his side ….

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