That Monday morning feeling.

Another new day and brand new week for us all;I hope you are all well.

Here we have another Monday morning and I don’t know if I am a little strange but ‘That Monday morning feeling’ for me is a feeling of happiness and excitement !!!

Happiness because it’s another week of writing plus creating and excitement because I do not know where my writing will take me.

This morning I got up as usual at 6.00 am and the electricity was off ; which meant I had to wait a while for that very first cuppa but it also gave me another subject to write on.



Just off, on, dark, light

Focusing at nothingness

A strange world so grim.




Dull ,bright, dull and bright

Dark clouds oh so magnified

Darkness to cling on.



Willing hearts will see

That rainbow beyond each cloud

Beauty magnified.

Liked it
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