A fiction short story about a mother’s struggle with her three month old baby crying all the time.

Fussy Guy 

Fussy Guy was only 3 months old. 
Fussy Guy didn’t  talk. Fussy Guy cried all the time. There was no  rhyme or reason for it.  Poor mother dear. His cries were so piercing she could not hear the phone or door. Or even her thoughts. 
 Fussy Guy would cry and cry. When he was hungry or not. Mother  fed him, he took in his meal. Then start up crying again.
Fussy Guy would cry when he was wet.  So mom will change him
Fussy Guy would cry when he was tired. So dad will rock him to bed.
Fussy Guy would cry when he was scared. So dad will pick him up and hold him.
Fussy Guy would cry when he was playing. So mom and dad play with him all day.
Fussy Guy would cry when taking a bath. So mom will hurry as a fast as she can. 
Fussy Guy would cry when he was lonely. So mom puts him in his carrier and carries him around.Cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Fussy Guy had seen  it all in his mom’s carrier. Mother had tried headphones and earmuffs to lessen the ear piercing sound. Desparate,  she asked her moms during a playdate: the only place he did not scream or cry was at the park with his friends. 
“So why, oh why does fussy guy start to cry? Mother asked the  other moms at her playdate and the other moms said, ” my baby sleeps all day.”
“My baby loves his swing. Does he have a swing?” Mom sadly answered, ” yes.”
“My baby only fusses when he is  tired. Maybe he is overtired,” one mom said. But mom simply said she tries to catch him before he gets too tired.
“My baby loves to play with his ball, have you tried giving the little guy a ball?” Mom answered, ” he has plenty of toys and I’ve tried them all big and small.”
“Oh, I just don’t know,” exclaimed one of mother’s friends,” maybe you should call the nurse.” 
Mom sighed as she watched Fussy Guy begin to cry as he ran toward her.” Why ,oh why do you  cry?” she asked him as she scooped him up in her arms. 

        Suddenly all the mothers had to go, the crying grew too loud. Poor, poor mother. She just didn’t know. why What was wrong with her little guy, who fussed and  cried all the time. Mom called the nurse and the nurse asked, ” what are you eating?”Mom told the nurse everything she had for a week. She told mom to cut out some foods and mom did.
       But the new diet didn’t work, Fussy Guy would not stop. He took breaths in between his fussing and went about the day. Mom bought some ear plugs, but she could still hear his cries. So mom called the nurse and the nurse didn’t know why. She said, ” take him in to to see the doctor. I will pencil you in.” So she took him to the doctor and he examined him from head to toe. 
“Open wide, ” he told  Fussy Guy. Fussy guy just cried. The doctor smiled and said, ” that will do.”He shook his head and said, ” I  thought he might be  teething, but there’s nothing there.” The doctor had him lay on his back on the examine table with mom right by his side. He stopped crying. 
” Woe, he stopped ! ” mom exclaimed joyfully.
    The doctor stopped in his tracks and looked at what he was doing. He had his right hand on his stethescope and his left hand by his ears. He moved closer to hear little guy’s heart.  “Everything seems fine,” the doctor finally said. 
“Doctor, I just don’t know. He’s not crying or fussing now. What do you know.”
“It’s a mystery to us all, ” the doctor said,” well, mother, you can dress him up and take him home.”
Fussy Guy began to cry as mom dressed him. 
“Wait! ” doctor cried.
“What?” mother asked.
” Take his shirt off again,” the doctor demanded.Mother did and Fussy Guy stopped crying. ” Dress him again.” Fussy Guy started crying again. 
” He doesn’t like clothes?” mom cried out a bit confused. 
“He seems to run hot, ” the doctor said, as he noticed the little guy’s cheek turning  bright red, ” do you have a lighter shirt?”"Yes, I carry two sets in case of emergencies,” she said as she turned and picked up the diaper bag. 
    Mother was so happy to figure out her poor little guy. She changed his shirt and put on some shorts, Fussy Guy stopped crying. Mother was so embarassed  but the doctor assured her she was fine. All babies are different and handle things differently. From that moment on, her days were much quiter and her playdates much longer. 

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  • lapasan on Feb 12, 2011

    Nice story. Sometimes it’s difficult to handle babies because they can’t talk. A mother can’t easily figure out what her baby wants. But if it cries, it means that he either wants something or something is wrong with him.

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