Short Story.

Ganesan stroked the hideous monstrosity with happiness. He sat in his chair and gazed lovingly at the thing in front of him. He must have waited like that for quite some time, a foolish grin on his face. Occasionally he would take out his handkerchief and wipe off some speck of dust he presumed had just fallen on the surface. But mostly he just sat there and gazed. And grinned.

Ganesan was not an important person, a mere person in a multitude of people, but he liked to think of himself as one. There were several people that were more qualified than he was in the office but he had risen to that state through sheer hard work. He had been in the organization for longer than most others and it was not right that someone from the outside was brought in at the senior level. Ganesan had protested about the unfairness of it all. He had after all been working for close to seven years continuously while the new person, although he had the same number of years of experience had not worked in this organization but at another while he, Ganesan had been the loyal employee. The management had reluctantly agreed to promote him as Assistant Manager as well but had not agreed to a separate cubicle. No one except the Managers had their own cubicles. Everyone sat in the big hall, the Executives, Junior Executives and even the peons. There was really nothing to distinguish them from the other. Anyone walking into the office would not know who was who.  Ganesan didn’t like being part of the scene. He was now the Assistant Manager. It was only one step towards Manager. It was necessary to make people feel he was a person to reckon with. Why he was responsible for most of the work in the office and should therefore get due recognition.

Ganesan would have dearly liked to have his own cubicle, even a small one. But space was a problem and the Senior Management was not favourable to changing the way things were since they were going fine. Besides even one more cubicle meant several others would have to move to another department or floor. It was out of the question. Ganesan was told it was not something they could do at the moment. Besides, they had also hinted that it might become a problem as some of the Senior Executives might also start demanding for their own little cubicles. It would create much bad air.

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