This is a short story I wrote about a salesman that goes insane and kills himself.

George was never a good person. He lied, cheated and stole everything he ever owned. This never upset him, it never set him back. In fact, George was proud of this. He thought it was a gift given to him by the gods. He had everything the American people saw as beautiful. Full, thick blonde hair, he was tall, 6′4″ to be exact; two percent body fat, and a voice of the angels. He slept with a different girl every night; each one more beautiful than the last. His Co-Workers watched him work his magic every day. It was as if the women turned to Jell-O while talking to him. They couldn’t resist his soothing voice, his beautiful bright blue eyes; he was everything they dreamed about while growing up.  He had no family to speak of and no friends on his social list. He was truly a loner, but he was alright with this fact. He thought his life was complete the way it was.                

George was a car salesman, of course. Sales came naturally to him. He could sway the most opposing person to his side. If he was in Darth Vader’s shoes, Luke would have joined the dark side. He made Satan envious; he could collect souls twice as easily. Once again, George was proud.                  

Even though George could sleep with some of the most beautiful women, there was one woman on George’s mind at all times. One woman that tormented George at every turn, no matter what he did; she never gave into George’s evil attempts. Caitlin was a free spirited hippie pot smoker and she was about to drive George over the edge. She had long brown hair that reached just below her shoulder blades, big brown eyes and the cutest smile found on earth. She usually dressed down, wearing nothing more than a sublime t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Caitlin never wore make-up, she had a natural beauty, and she didn’t need to cover that up. Caitlin walked into George’s shop on a weekly basis; she knew that George wanted her. And he knew he could never have her. She was always going to be the one that George couldn’t sway. This contradicted George’s existence in his mind.  It didn’t matter what line he used, she always turned him down. Until this particular day, on this day Caitlin walked in wearing a bright red tank top with spaghetti straps and low cut blue jeans. She opened the double doors of the car lot and walked in slowly with the wind blowing her hair in all directions.  She was gunning for him, this time Caitlin was going to seduce George.

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