Funny story on a husbands revenge after his wife is caught cheating.

It’s nothing exciting.

It’s nothing that wasn’t expected.

She knew what I was capable of.

She would get to sit home every day on her ass, doing nothing and I would be out there making a living. What did she do to repay me? The spoiled bitch fucked our pool guy in my bedroom.

I saw the signs, oh yes, I saw the signs.

I would find other articles of clothing – belonging to a man, in my laundry. I’m a short guy, I’m not no size 15 foot so why the hell would I have a sock the size of a snake in my laundry basket? I wear a size medium shirt, never in my life have I ever even purchased an XL.

Neighbors told me things.

“She’s cheating on you.” They would say.

“She’s sleeping with Timothy, the pool guy.” They said.

Nonsense, is what I thought.

But the more and more I saw the signs, the more curious I became.

So, what did I do? I set up a camera in our bedroom.

A couple weeks went by, since after I set it up. Nothing. I found nothing.

I was at work one day and I was online and decided to check to see what was going on at my house. The footage I was seeing, I couldn’t even describe the way it made me feel.

This disgusting, piece of filth pool/garden boy was in my bed with my wife’s legs spread apart, thrusting in and out of her.

I became red with anger and left work early.

I walked in the front door, I was quiet. I made sure nobody heard me.

Sure, I heard them.

Her moans.

His grunts.

The bed squeaking.

The headboard hitting the wall.





I made my way upstairs and grabbed my baseball bat from the hallway closet.

Playing on a league with a bunch of my buddies sure does come in handy.

My family told me that if I ever caught her in the act, I would stay with her, forgive her and watch as it happened over and over again.

I walk into the bedroom and start swinging the bat. It hits the lamp that’s near their head, the wall, the nightstand. They duck and cover their heads from the debri that’s flying about.

“CHEATING ON ME!?” I shout, swinging the bat into the window, breaking the glass. Glass flies all across the room.

“WITH THE PIECE OF FILTH GARDENER!?” I swing at the walk in closet, cracking a hole in the door.

They both jump up, covering their bodies.

I swing at the door, just above the pricks head.

He fell to the ground and started crying.

I beat the shit out of the bedroom, grabbed my belongings and all of my valuables.

“You two can have each other.” I say, pulling out my cell phone.

I phone my dad and my brother.

“Who are you calling?” She has the nerve to ask.

He tries to leave the bedroom but I drag him back inside by his foot. Who gives if he gets a little rug burn on his penis. Oh, boohoo! He cries out in pain as his naked body gets dragged across the rug.

“My family, they’re helping me get the rest of my shit.” I say matter of factly.


Later on that night as I’m leaving, she comes back into the house and looks around.

“It’s completely bare…”

“Yeah, because I took all of my shit. The things I paid for. The house is yours. Enjoy.” I say.

There’s holes in all the walls, the house was completely wrecked.

Let the bitch enjoy her happy life.

“Good luck selling it.” I laugh as I get into my convertible and back out of the driveway.

She got what she deserved.

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