Has it ever happened to you to be absolutely sure you were experiencing a ghost story, still were ashamed to tell because people would mock you? Well, here are a few of mine…

So, me and my friends frequently meet at my place for playing some LANs with eachother. I have a nice basement, where we can all be comfortable without worrying too much about the noise, since the bedrooms are two floors up.

This time, as usual, we all went to the basement and played for a few hours, no incidents there. The freakish part came afterwards.

The basement has a bathroom next to it. Nothing special. Just a place for the needs. Well, after they left, i noticed someone left the lights on. I didn’t think twice, entered the bathroom in order to switch the light off…

Seconds before I pressed the switch, the sink’s tap burst open, full pressure. I had a mothersinking scare! For a second I stood still, without reaction. Moments later went and turned the tap’s handle off. It was fully opened. Why did it burst open like that? I have no idea. I leave it up to interpretation. But to me, it was a hell of a scare. I switched the light off and left, and it never happened again so far…

(These stories are real events that happened to me, in no way embelished or modified. Hence why most might not seem too amazing. They still scared the hell out of me, and are here, up for sharing. Have a nice read.)

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  • Ghost Stories on Dec 12, 2012

    Wow, I’m surprised many people question the paranormal experiences of others, but still watch this program. I am a psychic medium, and I believe that MANY people have had at least 1 unbelievable paranormal experience in their life, but, sensitive people, like actors, artists, etc., are more likely to experience the paranormal because they are sensitive.

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