The return of the goblins.

A sudden burst of light came from the temple of time. The guards all fell, stunned, and dropped their swords. Jack dropped his plate of eggs and bacon all over the floor. He cried out as he slipped to the floor, “by werg!”.

The light grew brighter and a fell wind blew towards the temple from all sides. Dark, ominous clouds gathered overhead. They covered the sun, making the day night. Outside the city walls, sinister shapes flitted in between the trees. The wind picked up and the sea water level rose gradually, the spray piercing the sailors’ faces. Suddenly, with a deafening clap of thunder the lightning struck the temple roof.

Jack ran forward to take a closer look. He saw light pouring out of the windows but was thrown back by an unknown force. He saw two silhouettes inside the temple. One had large pointed ears and was short and stubby. The other was tall and thin with similar pointed ears. “Goblins!” exclaimed Jack, “I must go and tell the High Council.” He ran past the sailors. Many had fallen into the treacherous waters during the storm. He reached the High Council and ran into the Treasury. “The goblins are here! In the temple! Come quickly!” he shouted.

The High Priest looked at Jack and said: “The invasion of the goblins has begun. We must prepare ourselves. We must retaliate. Go and inform our warriors that they must prepare for battle.”

Jack ran breathless to spread the alarm, to save the city.

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