A funny story about a straight A student who gets in trouble.

The name is Alexander Cohen, all my friends call me Alex or Al for short. I’m a straight A student and I never get in trouble. I play football for my high school’s football team. I’m QB, isn’t that every 15 year old boys dream? Both of my parents are successful lawyers and they had each gotten selected to defend an A-list celebrity. I don’t know who, I don’t know what crime they comitted or what was going on, but they were chosen. They had to drive into NYC this past weekend and were trusting me to finally stay home alone. Usually when they go on business trips, they call my older sister in from college to come and stay with me, to make sure I don’t get into any trouble. They figured since I’m so good in school and never get into any trouble with the law and just because I’m their kid and they work for the law…they think I’m an angel. I am an angel. Well, I thought I was.

Before my parents packed the car and set out to NYC on Friday morning, they popped open a bottle of Smirnoff vodka on Thursday night to celebrate their new job for the next few months. They had taken about 4 shots each and then began to pack, putting the bottle of vodka in the freezer to chill. I guess they had forgotten about it or left it in there on purpose because when they left on Friday morning, the bottle sat there with frost all over it.

I called up my best friend since the third grade, Billy Cross. Billy said it would be the perfect time to throw a party. I was completely against Billy’s idea. I argued with him for a while, hung up on him and was angry with him. Did he really think I would throw a party and go against my parents? They would never trust me again!

That night, Billy ended up coming over….at least thirty kids from school arrived with him. What could I do? Look like a nerd and send everyone away? I let them all in and we all made way to my pool out back. Being a crisp day in June, it was perfect. “Alex live a little. We’re going to be juniors next year, don’t you want the girls to love you!” Billy kept telling me over and over. He was right, all this year, I tried so hard to get a date with Addie, the schools most popular, prettiest girl. She’s beautiful, she has long, strawberry blonde hair and dark green eyes. She’s tan and tal and skinny. I am in love with her and barely speak more than 5 words to her a day. Billy invited her.

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