A new era of bloodshed.

The year is After Colony 211, 16 years have passed since the great one year war. Following this long spell of peace unrest has begun to grow in the colony L2-B as its inhabitants felt aggrieved about reported piracy being committed by their neighbouring colony L3-D. The piracy of natural resource satellites is a serious matter as colonies need these vital resources in order to maintain themselves. The Orbital Alliance, created to settle diplomatic disputes between the colonies, could not find evidence to punish L3-D. As a result L2-B took matters into their own hands.

The Orbital Alliance sent a three man team of Leo mobile suits to L2-B as a preventative measure against the rising insurrection. These Leo’s were stationed at the main space port as the natural resource satellite M9-14 passed by. In a concealed hanger on board, the rebels were boarding their own Leo’s, coloured a striking yellow to counteract the dull green of the Alliance. “Maximilian, should we wait for you” said a young headstrong rebel dressed in space pilot suit as he fastened himself into the Leo cockpit. “No you five engage the Leo’s outside the space port, I have a few minor adjustments to make here” was the reply over the radio. 

The hanger door opened as five yellow streaks were catapulted into their first ever taste of space combat. The opening exchange of beam rifle fire showed the training and experience of the Alliance soldiers. Their close coordination and accurate shooting saw the quick destruction of two rebel Leo’s, both hit the cockpit and exploding. Following some basic manoeuvring the rebels managed to score a few hit on the Alliance Leo’s but only glancing and non-threatening blows. Whereas he Alliance had scored a head shot and hit the thrusters of another Leo leaving it floating aimlessly in middle of the battlefield. The next volley of Alliance fire destroyed the fourth Leo leaving a lone rebel fire wildly in fear at these obviously superior opponents. 

“Ceasefire, you are defeated there is no need to throw your life away recklessly” The Alliance commander radioed to rebel pilot. Immediately the rebel throw down has weapon and raised his hands in surrender. An Alliance Leo moved to apprehend the rebel, as he came within touching distance a beam fired directly through his cockpit, the resulting explosion knocking back the rebel Leo. The remaining Alliance suits raised their rifle to the direction of the beam. “ITS A GUNDAM!” cried the commander. Accelerating towards the battle at high speed was the glistening white suit which was unmistakably a Gundam. This was a new model not previously seen in any of the major wars fought since the establishment of the colonies. It raised its Magellan cannon and launched a heavy beam shell, the explosive force obliterating a Leo suit. The commander continued to fire but the gundanium easily absorbs the futile beams. The Gundams left arm mounted shield smashed the remaining Alliance Leo against the colonies outer wall. The Magellan cannon ejected, the now free right hand reached under the shield, drawing a beam sabre. ‘I fought Gundams in the One Year War, they’re virtually unstoppable who could be piloting that thing’ thought the Alliance commander, his life flashing before his eyes as he was facing death in the form of this mobile suit.

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