A new era of bloodshed.

“My name is Maximilian Sala and this colony shall have its vengeance and no one, not even your pathetic Alliance can stop us” he radioed to the commander as the Gundams beam sabre cleaved the Leo in two. “This is merely the first shot in a long war which will be our guiding path towards independence” Maximilian radioed back to rebel headquarters on the resource satellite as he recovered the damaged Leo from the battlefield. Meanwhile the radio broadcast to the Alliance commander was being viewed at Alliance headquarters and caused much concern to officers there. An emergency meeting was called to discuss how the Alliance planned to deal with this rebellion. As the meeting just got under way it was interrupted by a video feed directly for L2-B. On screen was a tall, well built man wearing a black and yellow uniform. His hair a blinding shade of Gray distracting attention from his cybernetic right eye. “We the people of L2-B officially declare our independence and hereby declare war the colony L3-D” the figure stated in harsh and unrelenting tone. An officer turned to the end of the table where the meeting was taking place and said “General Hayter that’s Maximilian Sala what are we going to do to stop this rebellion”. General Iroquois Hayter, experienced leader of the Orbital Alliance, paused for a moment and sighed “we need to begin mass production of mobile suits”. Looking up at the figure on the screen he thought ‘this completely goes against the lessons which should have been learned from the One Year War, why must people be so foolish as to take the path of war when an era a peace was only just beginning’.

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