"I hate you because there is nothing to hate about you."

“Hate Male” (copyright)

I hate you for being the only person who met me 6 years ago through COMPLETE RANDOMNESS and who for some reason ever since then decided to never let me down, never give up on me, always take my side, never criticize or judge me or look down on me for ANYTHING. EVER. You weren’t fake, or kissing my butt, you never pressured me at all or crossed any boundaries even though

Dscn3676myou aren’t gay and were single and so was I (most of the time).

You never stalked me down or forced me to hang out with you, but you never faked, you completely let me do everything on my own free will for 6 years (tho, I think you should have shortened that invisible leash a bit awhile ago.)

I hate you for always liking the music I chose even though it wasn’t your style at all, I hate you for then liking it on your own too, and i hate you for LETTING me be the one to choose all the music…

I hate you for trusting me in your home, computer, with your cell phone. I hate you for always truly thinking my words were as funny as only i thought they were, and even expanded on them and made them funnier. i hate you for never trying to press my buttons, make me jealous, confront me about anything. For listening to ALLLLLL my stories of my life, ALLL of them… over and over…even though you were THERE for a lot of them.

I hate you for showing up SO fast when I never even said something might be wrong but you knew it was somehow even though I didn’t. I hate you for saying you were my “brother” so fast, because I began to call you that for years because it was nonthreatening to me and safe, even though you didn’t really think of yourself that way, you did it so I’d feel comfortable.

I hate you for not being a typical guy and hitting on me all drunk and rude, and if you THOUGHT you did, you apologized for so long until I made you stop.

I hate you for helping me shower, dry my hair by a motel heater, put my pajamas on, and then let me cry when I showed you the videos for “Illusion” and “Left Behind,”… and that sad Valentine’s day song … and the YOU got emotional too…because it was Valentine’s Day and I was stood up on and had come back from what was supposed to be a great club night but all i did was cry there too. And you’d had a bad night also. I hate you for letting yourself be sad with me

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