Interracial short story surrounding a couple trying to overcome a rough patch in their relationship due to do Evie’s deep insecurities with any woman coming near her boyfriend, Warren, until one of her actions, sends her running and almost costs her – her life.

Evelyn stopped fighting, as her tears flowed. All she wanted at this point, was a quick death. “Please God, let it be over quickly.” Overhearing her prayer as they shoved her into the car, one of the guys snickered, “This gone take all night.” Squeezing one of her breast painfully to punctuate his statement. Her head struck the overhead door of the vehicle. She was going to pass out. But right before she did…she heard someone’s tortured voice shout her name and then musty smells assaulted her senses. Smoke, marijuana, stale beer, urine and the funk from unwashed bodies. She felt the tussling of her body being crammed within, someone wedged up against her. The quick slamming of doors. Burning, screeching tires.

Again the echo of her name.

Chapter Three

Warren was sweating profusely, as he sped behind the car that held the woman he loved. Panic overwhelmed him. Fright was a loud, shouting, yelling thing that shook him to the core. His stomach tied up in knots as his hand shook uncontrollably trying to drive and dial 911 on his car phone.

“Evie, Evie Evie Evie Evie!! LORD GOD PLEASE…PLEASE!!!” He cried out as tears obscured his vision. He wanted to sob and choked back those that threatened to break free. “I should have come for you! God why didn’t I go after her?” If she was killed, he would never forgive himself. He thought he’d go mad when he drove slowly down the street, to look to his left to see a struggle taking place, and then hear her screaming. This had been the last direction he’d gone in to look for her, after having gone in every other direction to find her but he’d been certain she wouldn’t be in this neighborhood – he had to make sure, and so he’d driven in and out of every block just about, and turned onto this street only to see something that would stay with him for the rest of his life. He’d slammed on the brakes and jumped out shouting her name when her assailants looked up to see him and shoved her in the car and pealed out.

He couldn’t believe it! He’d gotten through on 911, and immediately, they’d put him on hold! Just as he cursed that, flashing lights illuminated bouncing back off of his rear view mirror. “Yes, yes!” But he was afraid to pull over and explain what was happening. He would lose them, he couldn’t afford to stop his car. He couldn’t deal with loosing Evie. So he sped on with the cop car hot on his tail, recklessly the vehicle before him made sharp turns, ditching down alleys and making dangerous crossings through streets. But he drove a faster, better vehicle. Theirs started smoking. He gunned his gas. If he had to tear his car up to catch them, so be it. If he killed himself and Evie too, so be it. He would rather she died by his hand, than those of them that held her captive. Suddenly another police car joined the other he noticed.

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