Interracial short story surrounding a couple trying to overcome a rough patch in their relationship due to do Evie’s deep insecurities with any woman coming near her boyfriend, Warren, until one of her actions, sends her running and almost costs her – her life.

Another chill.

Why didn’t God install every human with a rewind button? Just to go back and make a wrong right. Was that too much to ask? HE could have made it usable in correcting things for the right – only! Nothing else. Why couldn’t he!? ‘Why not God?’ She thought in anguish. “Please God help me make it right.” She whimpered to herself. Never slowing her pace. Not once looking around her. ‘A Phone…look for a phone!!’ She thought suddenly. Another shiver. It was pitch out except for the tavern, liquor store and small shop lights. The rain was slowing finally. She’d walked in it the whole time it was pouring. The chills were starting to become consistent.

Chapter Two

‘What time is it?’ She wondered. Looking around for the first time. She began to take notice of her surroundings. Not recognizing the area she found herself. As the rain slowed to a light drizzle. People began to appear. From a window above she could hear Spanish music playing, Oye como va, Santana. That same window, an argument in Spanish. Maybe she, who ever she was, would run out and she wouldn’t have to be alone. They could walk together and feel sorry for themselves together. ‘NO! This has to be fixed.’ First, she had to find Mr. Omested’s number. She would apologize to him and his daughter. She would make them understand that this nights’ fiasco was solely her fault, and her fault only. Where was a phone? Another shiver, this one made her teeth suddenly chatter. A man suddenly passed her on the street, brushing her shoulder, muttering to himself. His appearance stated homeless. Evelyn swallowed deep. How far had she walked, she wondered as her surroundings began to clarify. Rain scattered debris, paper, cans, broken bottles, glass and other unrecognizable refuse lay collecting along the curb. More people. As she walked seeing no phone booth, she witnessed a hooker stepping out from the protection of a doorway. Obviously stationing herself there to wait out the storm. The storm waning, it was back to business, as she approached a slowing vehicle. Evelyn felt herself shiver with something other than the chill that held her.

“Hey sweet thang, you look a little wet, come on let me dry you off.” A black man offered grabbing hold of her arm.

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