A dying king tells of his worst deed on his death bed, but he is telling the very person he wronged.

The elf lord lay in his bed. This was his final hour. He coughed weakly. Beside him sat a young elf. His hair was the colour of chestnuts, his eyes as blue as the clearest skies, his face as fair as a sunrise coming over the mountains, bathing the world in golden light.

The elf lord lay as shrivelled as a leaf in winter. His eyes grey with suffering and death. He closed his eyes and lay still.

“My lord” the young elf spoke “my lord Suldar”.

Lord Suldar opened his eyes and looked at the elf,”I am still here, young Gildor”.

“Is there anything you would like to talk about or do you wish me to remain quiet?” Gildor asked.

“What is there to talk about?, young Gildor. I am dying”.

“Is there anything you would like to relieve yourself of? or a message to someone?”.

“Yes. You are wise beyond your years, Gildor. There is one for whom I have something to say. I will tell you of a tale long ago, before I took you in as my adopted son”.

“I am listening, my lord”.

“Then I shall begin. This tale begins when my father passed the rule of elvenkind to me. We prospered, until they came. The fire demons. They came burning and killing across the lands. It was up to me to make the decision. Fight or surrender. I did neither. At the time I had two favourites. They were the parents of Handar. They agreed to my wishes reluctantly to trick the demons. I invited the demons to a truce at the dam of Kandahar. Do you remeber the dam of Kandahar?”.

“I do, my lord”.

“There. It was there I took them, and as I talked the parents of Handar burst the dam. The waters gushed forth but the demons did not die, instead becoming creature of slime, they escaped.

When they came back they were enraged and came back in flame. They would have destroyed us had it not been for a wise elf. He took them away and spoke to the demon king secretly. He would give them the parents of Handar if they let the elves live. The demons agreed. But they were not to be trusted. Now this elf wore a black cloak with the moon emblem on its back. He disappeared but was held in high esteem until his next deed. He overpowered Handar’s mother and kidnapped her. To the fire demons he took her. Once in front of the demon king he bound her. Then the demon king bade the elf to execute her. The elf killed her in cold blood then disappeared. When Handar’s father found out he was enraged. He donned his armour, took his swords and set out on the warpath. Straight to the demon king he went. There they battled for a day and a night. When the skies cleared on the second day, both were found to be dead. The elf with poisoned wounds and the demon with a sword in his heart. The demons thinking all elves were this powerful fled and never returned. Thus it was the elves were saved from the fire demons.

“Who is this Handar?, Where can I find him?”.

“Do you remember the gold chest that I asked you to keep a secret?”.

“I do, my lord”.

“Bring it to me”.

The elf got up and retrieved the chest. He placed it on the bed. The elflord took the key from around his neck and unlocked the chest. Taking out an object he handed it to Gildor.

“This chest and its content belong to me except for this. This naming knife belongs to you”.

The elf took it and read the hilt.

“I am Handar?”.


A tear slid down both elves cheeks.

“Tell me where I can find the elf with the black cloak”.

“I am sorry” the elf lord said. Suddenly he coughed violently then lay down exhausted.

He put his hand in the chest and drew out a black garment.

“I am very sorry” the elf lord said then breathed his last. The elf looked on. He took the garment and examined it. It was a black cloak with a moon emblem on the back.


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