Santa had a big problem. Rudolf was sick, his nose wouldn’t light up. It was snowing very hard, how would he deliver the gifts to the boys and girls all over the world? He couldn’t see, the snow was too thick. He needed help and badly. Santa did the only thing he could think to do, he called out for help, Johnny heard his call for help, and knew that he had to find a way to help Santa save Christmas.

How Johnny Firefly saved Christmas

A Children’s Story


It was the middle of October and all the fairy Godmothers had come to the North Pole to give Santa the names of all the boys and girls who had been good that year. Santa needed that list so he knew who’d been naughty or nice, and it seemed to be an exceptional year, all the boys and girls all over the world had been good. Santa’s sleigh was going to be extra full this year he had a lot of toys to deliver.


The elves were still loading Santa’s sleigh, it seemed to be taking them forever to get it full. Santa was very happy. He was glad that all the boys and girls all over the world had been good, that meant that everyone would receive gifts this year.


Dasher, and Vixen, and Rudolf were out playing in the snow. Running and jumping high in the air, practicing for when they had to jump off high roofs so they wouldn’t fall, and they seemed to be having a ball. Santa sat down with Mrs. Clause to watch the reindeer playing, it was so nice to watch them, and Rudolf lit the up the sky with his shinny Red nose. It was December 23 the night before Christmas Eve. Santa and his elves sat down for a big supper, they had worked very hard, and they were tired. The elves told Santa that they wanted to have a nap, so Santa told them to sleep for a bit, he’d wake them before he left just to make sure he had all the gifts, he didn’t want to forget anyone.


A few hours later, it started to snow. At the North Pole it was normal for it to snow, but not like this and worse yet, Rudolf wasn’t feeling well. Santa was thinking that maybe Rudolf had a cold, his nose wouldn’t light up. If Rudolf’s nose didn’t light up this could cause big problems for Santa, how would he see where he was going? He needed Rudolf’s nose to guide them. This could mean real trouble for Santa, and all the boys and girls waiting for their toys. Oh my Santa thought, what shall I do?

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