Incest Rape is what happens to the girl on the second Saturday of the most summer of her life. She goes down stairs and sees the most shocking thing happen to her mother and then gets forced to be involve.

It was the second Saturday of the most amazing summer of my life and it; all started by being woke early to music rocking my bed. At first in a sleepy haze, I thought my bed was a boat and I was sailing away but when the bird screeching became clear I was wait that I was not on a boat my mother was just drinking again… or still for all I knew. Stretching as I sat up the large bag of herb, I snatched from my mom before bed, caught my attention laying on my nightstand and I knew from that, today was going to suck. Since my mom hadn’t come looking for her stash that meant she had stayed up drinking, which meant she was miss super bitch and I was her chew toy. Rolling myself a fat joint I laughed to myself as I mused how having a drunkard as a mother had its perks, sure i took a beating at times, but i got to smoke as much as i wanted and was a quick runner. By the time the joint was gone I had another dozen rolled and tucked away in my bra, which seemed increasingly more uncomfortable each day. Fifteen and already I can see I am going to be cursed with huge tits like my mother; it sickens me seeing how men look at them with that same stupid look on their faces oblivious to anything else. Looking at myself over in the mirror shows even more dreadful evidence that I, as always, was correct. Soon I would be wearing a D cup! Pushing that horrible reality out of mind I pulled on my lucky green hemp beanie and headed downstairs, tossing my mother’s sack back onto her bed on the way.

I was greeted with the smell of chocolate cake as I descended the stairs allowing myself to hope for a good day.  However, the illusion of my day not sucking was shattered, as I turned into the kitchen to see my mom fully nude on the table with her perfectly round ass high in the air as she bent over on her hands and knees. I could see remnants of chocolate frosting forgotten on her swollen clit as some woman in burning red heals was violently spanking her with a cherry wood paddle that said “SLUT” in big dark letters. I froze there unseen and unable to think or move just looking at my mother’s soaking wet pussy, as it got wetter with each strike. My heart was racing but I was not scared, for some reason I was excited and feeling things I had never experienced. My mom suddenly began to scream and moan, as her pussy got so wet it was running down her legs, unexpectedly and shockingly, I let out a noise and felt my underwear get warm as if I had just pissed myself. I felt my face flush as they both looked back at me, my mom tried to turn and hide herself but all she managed to do was roll off the table. I knew I should have looked away but I could not take my eyes off my mother’s big firm tits bouncing around as she hit the ground landing on her back. The next thing I knew I was being yanked by my hair, but it did not hurt it sent chills down my spine as I once more let out a small gasp and my knees went weak. I managed to stay on my feet by stumbling forward as the mysterious woman led me to my mom and, releasing me, shoved me to my knees between my mother’s legs. I could not keep my eyes off my mother’s soaking wet pussy, that seemed to be getting even wetter for me, and again the frosting caught my attention hiding on her clit, taunting me. I am not sure if it was the extreme munchies i was feeling or how the excitement and tingles were making me feel but before I could even think, I was bent over licking my mother’s clit. The taste of her excitement and the chocolate frosting danced on my tongue as I felt my pussy quiver in desire. I completely forgot about the other woman until my pants were being pulled down and I felt her sharp nails lightly run over my bare ass. It tickled so I squirmed and then suddenly I felt the paddle strike me so hard my eyes teard up as gasped in surprise. As I tried to lift my head, the woman forced my face into my mother’s pussy and held it there. I knew what she wanted so I resumed playing with my mother’s pussy, but all i could do was slide my tongue inside her. Almost as soon as I started to wiggle, my tongue around I was treated with an explosion of cum as she squirted all over my face. The taste was so heavenly that I orgasmed so hard my body began to shake and I felt my cum rush down my legs. Before I could recover I felt something slide inside me, it hurt a lot at first but felt good at the same time. The pain soon melted away as i started licking my mother’s clit again. The pleasure I felt inside me soon disappeared and I felt more fluids rush down my legs. I continued to make my mom cum with my tongue until she passed out from binge drinking all night and countless orgasms. I showered up then ran off to bed to smoke my joints, think of my mom and touch myself.

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