A creative story of how the Sphinx lost his nose.

Sphinx was walking about in the deserts of Egypt when he saw a couple of children playing football. Sphinx had no idea what the game was. He went over and asked the children what they were doing.

            One boy replied, “We’re playing football, it’s all the rage in Egpyt!”

            “If it’s all the rage how come I have never seen or heard of it,” Sphinx snapped back, “Huh?

            “Would you like to play now? Then you would know about it.” Sphinx tilted his head thinking it would be hard to learn.

            “Okay, what you do is kick this ball into that goal. Only the keeper can hold the ball with his hands.”

            “Piece of an oasis,” Sphinx remarked.

            Once Sphinx had learned to play they started the game. It was the Blue Camels against the Red Money Bags. Sphinx, who was playing on the Blue Camels, started off with the ball. He passed it to his teammate and they passed it back and forth until they had reached the goal, only the keeper was in the way of the goal now. Sphinx kicked the ball hard shooting right passed the keeper. Sphinx was so excited and decided he liked the game very much, but that did not last for long.

            Sphinx played football everyday with his new friends until that fateful day where tragedy struck. The last day of Sphinx’s football career ended in one of the most horrible ways possible. He was playing just like every other day, the Blue Camels were down by two and only sixty seconds on the sundial. Sphinx dribbled down the pitch with remarkable speed and faked everyone out with his Triple double back flip rainbow kick.

He approached the goal and shot his super King Tut smashing slam and scored another goal for the team. Everything was going great, all the Blue Camels needed was another goal to at least tie the game. Sphinx had this game down and nothing was going to stop him from winning. The whistle blew and Sphinx was passed the ball. He rainbow kicked the ball up into the air and bicycle kicked it from half the pitch and scored the equalizer.

This was it, there was only 10 seconds on the clock. The whistle blew for the last time and Sphinx thought he could do the same thing again, but this time the keeper caught the ball. The keeper was enraged that Sphinx scored two goals so quickly. The keeper threw the ball at Sphinx’s face. It smacked Sphinx so hard that his nose fell off. Sphinx ran away off into the desert.

            Sphinx was devastated about the loss of his nose. His nose was the thing that him balance when playing football. Now he just sits around alone in the desert, watching the people watching him. Trying to sit completely still. Trying to be a statue of the sand, because he is so ashamed of his lost nose.

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