Hugo Boss AG company’s history began in 1924. Its founder has gone from making clothes for police and postmen in Nazi uniforms.

Boss. Hugo Boss
One of the most famous fashion brands for men ruthless, determined, resolute, supervisors, heads with attitude. Style that could still come from the company’s original sin: that dangerous ties with Hitlerites.
Hugo Boss AG company was founded in 1924 in Metzinger, a small town south of Stuttgart. Initially, the workshops made uniforms for policemen and postmen. Business was not doing too well, and the economic climate in Germany at that time, immediately after the First World War and the Peace of Paris (1919) – German economic decline which began that propelled Hitler to power – has brought the company close to bankruptcy. As a result, the owner had to find ways to survive the crisis. Ferdinand Hugo Boss and his creditors conclude a deal in 1931, after which the clothing company about just six sewing machines. The owner tries to restart his business. Coincidence or not, the wind begins to blow in business tailor Hugo Boss sails along with his inclusion in the National Socialist Party, the same year. Boss is also one of the financial supporters of the SS. But there is no evidence that would really be joined with the Nazi doctrine.
Sins of youth
Hugo Ferdinand Boss said later that he joined the Nazis drew on promises to get rid of failure and that he was somehow excluded from the bosom of the Evangelical Church. After 1931, he entered into several joint fascist gathering and benefits arising from this: to increase sales of 38,260 RM (Reichsmark) in 1932 to over RM 3,300,000 in 1941, while profits are increased in the same 5000-241000 period from RM.
(Heinrich Himmler (right), supreme commander of the SS in February 1934, wearing a typical SS uniform, his company created in workshops Ferdinand Hugo Boss)
Although Hugo Boss claimed in an advertisement in 1934/1935, he was the creator of the Nazi uniforms since 1924, becomes the official supplier for the years 1928-1929. The company manufactured uniforms for SA (SA, however, the Nazi paramilitary organization that played a key role in Hitler’s rise to power in 1920, nicknamed “brown shirts”), SS (Schutzstaffel, armed arm of the National Socialist Party), Hitlerjugend (Youth Hitler), NSKK (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps – Motorized Division Nazi) Party and other organizations.

(Illustrations from the book Organisationsbuch der NSDAP, 1937, showing various types of Nazi uniforms. In the foreground, SS uniforms)

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