I felt relieved that they were not going to change my name because the sound T-Y-S-O-N was quite pleasing and I had begun to recognize it. My brother was named Bolton by our new master.

I am Tyson

My name ought to remind humans of a boxer who ruled the boxing world for so many years but I am not a boxer. My name is the result of a mistake of human perception. They did not check me at the time of my birth and gave me a male name. The person who named me was really a duffer, which I later came to know.

When I had first realized that I had a physical existence in this world, I did not know how many brothers and sisters were sucking the milk of our mother. I could not open my eyes for about ten days but I felt the presence of my near and dear ones. I got familiar with the sounds made by my mother and my brothers and sisters but I was curious to see the creatures that often came there and made some strange sounds from their mouths. As I grew up, I came to know that they whistled and greeted us in their language which was very strange.

There was nothing much to do in those days: sucking the milk of our mother, sleeping, and giving ear to any strange sound, of course, with an element of fear. After a fortnight, the master of the house brought us onto the roof and kept in the sun. It was quite soothing and warm. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. At first everything was hazy but slowly I began to recognize the things around me. I had known my mother only by her smell but now I could see her furry glory. My two brothers and one sister were white and brown but I was black, but my tail had a patch of white. The world was new to me and I liked it.

I had not found any difference in early days but after about a month, I realized that we walked on four but creatures, our masters, called humans walked on their two legs. They had to bend down to pick me when they wanted to caress me or nuzzle me. I liked it, but one of them, an old man, stank. His breath had a strange odour and after many months I came to know that he smoked. I am still not able to understand why they light a rod and emit smoke from their nostrils. We never do anything like that.

After about one month, a person came to our house and picked me and my white brother. He kept us in a shoulder bag and walked out of the house. My mother kept on barking but he did not stop. We, my brother and I, were very frightened in the darkness of that bag. He started a machine, which I came to recognize, in the later years, as motorcycle. It was a ride full of uncertainty, fear, hope, and separation. My brother licked me and tried to console me. The ride lasted for a few minutes and then the machine was stopped.

When the bag was opened, mixed voices of many people greeted us. The senior most member of this new family was a professor. The carrier greeted him and addressed him with ‘Rajasir’. He picked me and kissed me. I liked him and I realized that his hands were softer than the hands of other people. His wife and two daughters were very happy.

“What is the name of this black one?” said the teacher.

“Tyson, Sir,” said the person who had brought us there.

“But, she is a female?”

“You can change the name,” laughed he.

“No, it is all right with me,” said my new master.

I felt relieved that they were not going to change my name because the sound T-Y-S-O-N was quite pleasing and I had begun to recognize it. My brother was named Bolton by our new master.

I am still very confused, though I am five years old now. In our first house, when they wanted to call me they would make a sound ‘Aai jaa’ but here our master, the teacher, makes sounds ‘Come Here’ and it is quite confusing. Sometimes guests come to our house and they make some other kinds of sounds which are quite new to us. They have a machine called TV and thousands of sounds come from that box. They look same, humans, but why they make so many different sounds is not understandable! We have different breeds, different colours, but we have one language and one sound. We belong to one kind but they call themselves one but they are always at loggerheads with one another.

From the very beginning I realized that our new master loved my brother more because he always kept my brother with him. Maybe his white colour and hairy body make him more presentable, or his male factor makes him so.

However, I love my master very much because he is very caring and loving. He keeps on giving us goodies to eat and never shouts at us. His daughters and wife are also very loving and they treat us like the members of their family. A person named ‘doctor’ comes from time to time and injects something into our bodies.

Our master is a very hard working man. He gets up very early in the morning and gets ready. He enters the classroom and then come some other people. He calls them ‘students’ and they begin to converse in that room for about an hour. I don’t understand why they come to him to talk to him. I see they give him some pieces of paper from time to time. One day I had torn one such paper and I was beaten by his wife. I gradually understood that those papers were useful because you can use those papers in the shops and they give you biscuits. Whenever his daughter, Sherry, goes out, I accompany her. She carries some pieces of papers with her and she gives those papers to people in shops. In return they give her many things like chicken, bread, eggs, biscuits, chocolates, etc. Now I don’t touch those papers if I see them in any of the rooms in our house. But when my master pulls some pieces of paper from his pocket and gives them to Sherry, my ears stand and I get ready because I smell something to eat. This is the most exciting thing in my life.

When I was about one year old, one day, I found a very attractive friend in the market. He liked me too. He followed me to our house. After that day, I began to meet him every day. Soon we were good friends and one day he made love to me. I liked it very much. After that day, when they tied me with a chain, I barked because I wanted to go out to meet him.

My brother, Bolton, had found a girlfriend and he began to go out with her. She was not good looking but he liked her. One day, he did not come back home and when he came at midnight; he was standing outside the locked door. He was crying, dirty and wounded. My master brought him inside the house and gave him food. After some time, it transpired that he had a fight over his girlfriend. He had fought with four powerful enemies.

After about three months, I felt very strange changes in my body. My stomach was fat and my teats were heavy. I felt movements inside my body. My master’s wife began to take proper care of mine. She began to give me more milk and more meat. I was happy but I did not know what was happening to me.

It was raining heavily that night and I was suffering from a very severe pain.  I was crying. My master and his family were standing around me. My master’s wife had spread a soft mattress on the floor and ordered me to sit on that. At midnight I gave birth to four puppies. I cleaned them one by one and suckled them. I was very proud and overwhelmed. My master and others were happy too. They kept some hot food in front of me and I gobbled it up immediately. I was obviously very hungry after that strange and exhausting experience.

My brother, Bolton, did not come near me. He was standing beside my master. He had strange expressions in his eyes but he was afraid to come closer. My master was caressing his head and neck. That night I slept peacefully with my children.

Next morning, many people came to see my children. Like a proud mother, I thanked them by wagging my tail. They were chatting and showing their happiness by touching my children. I did not want them to touch my children because some of them were strangers but in the presence of my master I could not bark.

After a few days, my children opened their eyes and they began to follow me around the house. I would be walking like Queen Mother and four of them followed me like obedient subjects. Food was no problem now because my master and his family began to give more than I could eat. It was the time of winter, so we would enjoy the sunshine in the morning and play with my master’s daughters, Sherry and Marrie.

I don’t know why but since I was small I liked Marrie more than any other member of the family. She loves me very much and keeps me neat and clean. She removes any of the seasonal bugs which appear in my fur. She bathes me regularly. Sherry loves me too but she is mostly lost in her books. I don’t know what she reads in them.

One evening, when I came back home after my evening round of market, I found my children missing. They had been taken away by four of my master’s students. I was very sad because I had milk in my body and it was overflowing. That evening I did not eat anything. I began to think how my master would feel if his daughters were taken away from him. Perhaps, he understood my emotions and he called me into his study. He hugged me tightly and kissed me. I was a bit relieved that he still cared. It took me a few days but I tried to forget them. My master has a box called ‘Mobile’ and he has their moving photos in that box. I am able to hear their sounds when he shows it to others.

My master has a shop on the first floor of our house. It is a big shop and many people come there with their colourful pieces of paper. They give those papers and carry many things with them. My brother and I have a very keen sense of recognizing good and bad people. Sometimes, we begin to bark at some women because we feel that they have hidden something in their clothes without giving those colourful pieces of papers. My master’s wife gets angry when we bark and she beats us. She keeps us tied to chains when there is a crowd of people in the shop. She does not know that we know who is carrying goods without giving pieces of papers. I wish I could make sounds like her and inform her. Why don’t they try to understand what we want to say? We quickly learn what they teach us but they never try to learn to understand us.

In the second year, I gave birth to three puppies. This time they kept one in our house. He is my son, Jackie, dark and absolutely black. He is a very intelligent boy and he follows the orders obediently. Now he is about one year old, almost my height. Bolton does not like him because my master loves Jackie very much. Obviously, Bolton is jealous of Jackie. I don’t know why Bolton is jealous of him while he has his special place on the same bed where master works on his computer, writing stories and essays.

Every year, there are a few very special days in the house. One big occasion falls near winter. For about ten days we enjoy special dishes and sweets. They decorate the house and sweet smells keep on wafting from the kitchen. One particular day, they put garlands around our necks and put red colour on our foreheads. Three of us, Bolton, my son Jackie, and I feel very special that day. They call it ‘Kukur Puja’ and the very sound enthralls us. That day people worship the creatures like us and we feel very happy.

Very next day, everything changes and we become very common.

This year I gave birth to four puppies. One of them died at the time of birth. I could not help it. Two were given away to the friends of the family. One was with us. They called him ‘Motu’ a very cute boy. He is very good looking and everyone in the family loves him. I love him more than my former children. This morning when I opened my eyes, I found that Motu was missing. Marrie’s friend had taken him away. I have been sad since morning. I am sitting with my master and I can feel that he is also sad.

When I remember my Motu, I whine but my master caresses me and gives me a few balls of dry meat and I like it very much.

Before stopping my story, I would like to say just one thing: we as dogs are very happy but humans as humans are never satisfied and happy. It is true that they have destroyed our natural habitats and we are surviving on their mercy but my sixth sense says that the end of this race is not far. Maybe, my future generations will evolve into a wonderful species and pet these humans one day! I love my master and his family but after all he is also human!

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