This article speaks about the man that I am in love with.

I have been knowing this man almost all of my childhood and adult life. I remember being just a “teeniebopper” when I would see him and all of the other older guys in my neighborhood. The all hung out at the park and at the store. Ofcourse, he was too old for me and I never looked at him in any other way except “one of those men it the neighborhood”. As a young adult, I would see him around and speak. He would speak back as anyone else would. Still no interest on my part. Well, one day me and some girlfriends were hanging out. He was walking towards us. I asked my friend, “Girl who is that”? She told me who it was and I made a comment like, “He sure is handsome from a distance”. Well, me and another one of my girlfriends, we’re always playing jokes on eachother. She got word of what I had said. She decided to get me back for a prank that I had played on her earlier. She went and told the guy what I had said(and added some of her own words, ofcourse)about him. Come to find out he wanted to talk to me! He later asked if I remember him inviting me and my friends to his house one night. And I did! But I didn’t know that he wanted to talk to me! Well, we hooked up. I have fell so deeply in love with him. I shall say this relationship is promising:)! We are talking about spending the rest of our lives together!

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