First hand account of dealing with parvovirus from an infected puppy’s point of view.

My name is Buford. I am an American Black and Tan Coonhound. I’m 13 weeks old but a thing called parvo almost killed me just two short weeks ago.

I was really scared. I just got to my new Mommy’s house and I already felt sick. I had to travel all the way from Virginia to my Mommy’s house here in Michigan with a really nice man who was doing Mommy a favor by picking me up and taking me to my new home. She thought I was just tired and since I was skinny and dirty when I got here on top of having such a long trip, she decided to just let me rest after she gave me a bath and snuggled me in a big fluffy towel.

The morning after I got to my Mommy’s house, I started throwing up this white foam stuff. My tummy sure felt awful. I didn’t want to throw up on my new Mommy’s couch but I was so tired and I felt so icky, I just had to stay on the couch. Mommy didn’t get mad or anything. Instead, she scooped me up and took me to see a nice lady she called a veterinarian.

The veterinarian was real nice, petting me and telling me how cute she thought I was while Mommy told her how she had bought me in hopes that I would someday be a great show dog. My dog Mommy was a grand champion show dog and so was my dog Daddy, who I never got to meet because he didn’t live with my dog Mommy. I was underweight and the nice vet lady said I also had ear infections in both ears. I guess that’s why they hurt.

I had to go potty real bad so my new Mommy followed a nice man who was also a vet outside to a special place where I was allowed to go potty. My poo-poo was like icky water. Oh, my poor butt hurt real bad now. But then this vet did something really mean and stuck this giant cotton swab thing up my butt until I screamed because it hurt me. He said it was to run a test for the parvovirus. They thought that was what I had and why I felt so sick. I just hoped they would hurry up and make me feel better.

In about 10 minutes the nice lady vet came back in and said “The parvo test is positive, but I know you figured as such.”. Mommy was trying really hard not to cry, I could tell. I gave her lots of kisses to try and make her feel better but it didn’t work. The vet lady told Mommy that she could leave me there and for a minute, I was really scared she might leave me there. They were really nice there but I was so confused. I almost couldn’t figure out where my new home was supposed to be. Mommy told the nice vet lady she didn’t want to leave me behind to sit all by myself during the night time when everyone went home. Mommy then wrote a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper and gave it to the sad looking lady behind the desk. The lady was shaking her head while she looked at me with the saddest human eyes I ever saw. How come everyone looks at me and wants to cry? Everyone is afraid to touch me now, too. Am I a bad boy?

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  • Jean bromley on Jun 5, 2008

    Great story Janet. I hope it touches many hearts. Buford is lucky to have a great Mommy like you. A simple vaccine can prevent so much heartache.

  • Sharon W on Jun 7, 2008

    Wonderful story and a great lessons to all of us dog owners.

  • H.C. on Jun 8, 2008

    I work at a vet clinic and we see lots of dogs with parvo. Survival rates are a lot better than the first outbreak in the early 80’s. It still is a very hardy disease and can be very hard to get rid of- but the good news is that there is a vaccine and it is preventable. I hope the breeder eventually got her just desserts or at least compensated you for the vet cost. I hope Buford is a happy, healthy puppy now and gets to enjoy a long healthy life with you!

  • knewf on Jun 9, 2008

    very very informative, been there, done that, and it’s rough but you CAN do it, and save the little one’s life

  • R.B. Parsley on Jun 9, 2008

    Loved your story!My wife and I have two dogs. One is a Keeshond and the other is a mix between a Terrior and a beagle. So far we have been pretty lucky.The oldest of the two is the Keeshond. She is 14 years old and the mix is two years old. We do annual checkups on both of them. But until now I hadn’t ever heard of Parvovirus. I will be doing some extensive research into this disease. Excellent story!!! Keep up the good work!!!!


  • chantelg4 on Jun 10, 2008

    Been there, terrible to go through!

  • Kate Downs on Jun 16, 2008

    Wow, what a horrible illness. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Aunt Judie on Jul 6, 2008

    Good work, Janet. I hope this story helps many many people to watch out for their puppies health.

  • christy on Sep 22, 2008

    I love this story. it gives me hope for my puppy!!

  • Love Tan on May 2, 2010

    i hope my puppy will survive too, im suspecting he has a parvo virus, i had him confined for almost 5 days then after 2 days he\\\’s very active but tonight his poop was watery again, im scared :(

  • Tracy on Oct 27, 2010

    Great story. I just found out my puppy had Parvo yesterday. It has been really hard and this story has made me have hopes that she will get better. Thank you!

  • Monte on Sep 5, 2012

    This story sucks!!!
    It’s sad that her pup got sick but a lot of us end up wasting precious time trying to weed through stories like this when we are really desperate for solid parvo fighting info!!!

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