A quirky story of wealth, greed, and revenge; a dish best served cold.

“Why not indeed?  Let me call my executive in; we can conclude our business and you can be on your way,” Big D said smiling at his visitor.  He reached out to his desk and pressed his intercom switch.  “Sherrie, would you mind coming in here with the briefcase.  Have the guard remain at his post.  Thank you.”  He released the button and the doors silently slid open once more.

Sherrie stepped into the room with the aluminum attaché in one hand and a manila folder in the other.  As she stepped forward, the doors closed silently once more.  She was striking in appearance; the ambient light behind her lit up her naturally red hair worn long and straight down her back.  She was amazingly beautiful and she knew it.  But she didn’t flaunt her beauty, nor did she use it as a “weapon” to get what she wanted.  Everything she had, she earned.

“Here is the briefcase you requested.  It is still sealed,” she said setting the aluminum case down at his feet.  “And here are the final documents you had drawn up.  Legal has been over them; the changes they suggested have been made and notated.  The courier is standing by for the case and the papers as you requested as well,” she said handing over the papers.

Bridges smiled at her and then looked at Sharpel.  “I have had you as my assistant how long, Sherrie?”

“Twenty-one years, sir,” she replied.

“Sharpel; over the years I have had many an assistant; Sherrie has been the best.  She knows my needs, my wants, does what I ask of her.  She is amazing; no one could ever have a better executive assistant.  What are your plans Sherrie?”

“Per our agreement, I will continue to work in this position for the next 90 days.  I will then submit my pre-approved letter of resignation to the board of directors.  At that time, your personal lawyer will call for a meeting of the board and your final wishes and orders will be declared,” she stated matter of fact.

“What are you going to do Sherrie?  After all, you too are set for life,” Bridges pressed.

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