A quirky story of wealth, greed, and revenge; a dish best served cold.

“I was thinking of touring Europe some; perhaps China.  I was thinking of a trip to Beijing.  I am keeping the lodge you bought me in Vail; I had it transferred to my name.  I will pay the taxes through a dummy corporation; my CPA is handling that.  I haven’t done any significant long term planning yet,” she replied with a slight smile.

“All right gentlemen, let’s get started,” she declared opening the folder and laying out piles of documents.  They were marked with little sticky arrows where they were to sign, others to mark with initials to indicate changes in the original documents; all of them numbered, none of the stapled.

The men signed where indicated; they read the changes and initialed where indicated and once done with a page turned it upside down into a single pile of papers.  Thirty minutes later, they were done.  The men shook hands and Bridges handed Sharpel the aluminum case.  He clicked the latches and popped the case open.  Inside, neatly stacked and banded, were piles of one-hundred dollar bills.  On top of the bundles was an envelope; he opened it and read the contents.  A single page with several typed lines gave him the name of a bank in the Bahamas, an account number, and the account amount.  Sharpel looked at the money after reading the note, then up at Bridges.

“I don’t understand, this is what, another 5 million dollars; this on top of the twenty million bonus.  What am I to do with this?”

“Five years ago, when I interviewed you for this job, I asked you a question.  I told you to think about it but you had an answer for me right away.  Your answer gave me an idea, that idea led to an invention, that invention was recently sold.  That is your tax free share of the profits from that sale.  Put the envelope in your pocket; Sherrie, please place the documents in the case, close and lock it,” he instructed.

She did as he asked and then stepped back.  Sherrie cleared her throat and said, “Gentlemen, we need to get going.  Mr. Sharpel, it has been nice knowing you,” she said extending her right hand.  He shook her hand, holding it a bit longer and just a bit tighter than necessary.  She flashed him a warm smile as she slowly withdrew her hand.

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