A quirky story of wealth, greed, and revenge; a dish best served cold.

“That is true Mr. Bridges; you have ever been the gentleman toward me.”

“Did you ever wonder why?  After all, you are quite attractive physically; you have a great mind, sharp as a tack.  You don’t need me to tell you these things; you are quite aware of your attributes.”

“Mr. Bridges, twenty-one years ago when I came out of college with my MBA, I sent you my resume with the hopes of working for a company where I could be a part of its growth.  I saw many of my friends mess up their lives by “sleeping with the boss.”  I was determined that it would not happen to me.  Actually, I have been very relieved that you have not made any advances.

“When I needed a new executive assistant, I went to HR; I told them what I wanted.  I was specific about the physical attributes; I had seen you around the building; I saw a lot of your work; I knew you were the one I wanted.”

“I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent here, especially working for you personally; I learned a lot about the business world from you.  I knew you were married; I have never found a married man to be someone I would be attracted.  Why me though?  There were others that had been here far longer; and I am not so egotistical to think I am the only pretty face in the place,” she said with a slight smile.

“Do you remember the Sherman Report,” he asked, relighting his cigar.

“Of course I do; that was my first major project.  You asked me to assess the findings of your commission, review all the data they did and come to my own conclusions.  I totally disagreed with the commission.  I said the project should be abandoned without delay.”

Her employer smiled through a cloud of smoke at her memory.  “I came to the same conclusions you did; before you did, by the way.  As I said, I had seen some of your work.  I wanted to find an independent thinker; because of your recommendations, we saved almost 500 million dollars that would have been hard to recover.  That and the fact that you are such a piece of eye candy; I wanted you nearby as much as possible.”

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