Dara felt a terrible longing a pain so deep she never could rest. It was after her own death in a car accident she was given the realization that she was really Emily and that love so strong not even death or reincarnation could destroy their love or part them. they belonged together.

Dara was driving just a little too fast on the rain splashed road. The air had cooled considerably after the sudden thunderstorm drenched the parched earth. She was ruffled strangely disturbed, hating this unsettled feeling that often came over her. Driving fast was not something Dara was accustomed to she was rather a sensible woman, not today however, she felt intoxicated as one who had imbibed too much wine. What was this haunting, this ache in her heart she wondered?

In an unsuccessful desperate attempt to control the car as it bumped and skidded on the rain slicked road she held the wheel in a tight grip her nails biting into the flesh of her palms. Over went the car bouncing and turning over to come to a halt at the crest of a hill. Then silence. All was eerily quiet, simply a wisp of smoke rose from the overturned car.

“Are you here again Dara?”

“My name is Emily.”

“My dear you have been given life,” came the exasperated warning.

“I am Emily and I want to be with my family. My real mother and father and most of all my sisters.”

“Emily,” responded the entity with an exasperated sigh.

“Yes, see you called me Emily.”

“So I had you simply must accept the fact that you are now here at this time as to the rules of reincarnation. You are asking to return to another time another life that has passed. The ones you speak of have been reassigned, as they all have passed from the life as you knew it.”

“I want it back.”

“Not so easy. What can be done as I look at the chart is to reassign each of you in one time and place and family in 200 years.”

“No, I will surrender a thousand years of sleep. Do not reassign me to a new life instead give me one day with my real family take me back to 1926 when our home was filled with laughter, love and simply sharing the hours together. We were happy then, innocent and carefree without the threat of death. I need the time to say I love you; I neglected to do so back then. My heart aches with the pain of parting, please if you will and I shall stay in any reincarnated body you give me without complaint.”

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