This woman was transformed from bitter to believer. Sometimes you must go through something to get to where you need to be.

Imagine Grace was a middle age women who married twice. She blamed her mother for her ugly divorces. Her first husband was a Banker and her second a Professor at a prestigious University. She would fall in and out of love so quickly. Imagine Grace was looking for love that she had t received from her father. She gave birth to a baby boy who lived only three months. She blamed her second husband for that. He was working when their son starting breathing heavily and Grace tried calling him but there was no answer. She became angry and bitter, not to mention filled with utter rage. Her husband could not deal with it anymore so he left.

Imagine Grace started drinking and cursing every man she came in contact with. She would call her mother up to rant and rave about her miserable life. Her mother was so gracious and cared so much for her daughter. Imagine Grace would carry on so badly that she alienated everyone she came in contact with. Her father tried to talk to her bout her ways but it did no good. She seemed to hate everyone; perhaps she hated herself. At the rate she was going she was headed for disaster. She wanted to be loved but didn’t know how to express her needs and desires.

Imagine Grace went shopping for a pair of new shoes and while doing so, she bumped into a handsome man with a very stern voice. He smiled and asked her to excuse him. She looked at him in a manner that wasn’t p at all. He asked her if she would have lunch with him. She replied, no! He looked at her and shook his head and laughed. She was furious but that didn’t bother the man at all. He said I know you what to have lunch with me but you’re so stubborn. She stomped of feet and shook her head and laughed. His eyebrow moved up and down. He said I guess I’ll be on my way. She stopped him and said I’ll have lunch with you! He said, great!

They went to lunch and talked and surprisingly, Imagine Grace enjoyed his company. Grace would fall in love quickly but this was different. She felt comfortable around this man, whom was a stranger less than an hour ago. He put his head down and began to speak. She was curious about his strange way of communication. He shouted out, saying; yes I will. She looked around to see if anyone was looking. He glanced at her and said; God has brought me into your life because you were searching for love. The man went on to say that he apologized for all of her mishaps and lack of spiritual love. She looked so confused. I am your husband, the man confessed.

He asked her if she believed in God and she shook her head. Grace told him that she was angry with God because she lost two husband’s and a child. He said God is a good God and would never forsake you. He will bless you with two. She began to shed tears and said how do you know this? He smiled, and said that God told him so. Grace told him that she recently had a dream that she was married and lived in a large house with her husband and two children. From that day on Imagine Grace was changed and she finally found what she longed for.

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  • Jswana on Aug 12, 2012

    It sounds almost as if this was Jesus Himself. The book of Isiah speaks of our spiritual marriage to Him. At any rate, beautiful, beautiful story. :)

  • elee on Aug 12, 2012

    Well written. Thank you.

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