Short story.

Jim looked around and wondered what had happened. He could not feel anything. All of his other senses we fine he just could not touch. He looked down and saw that his body was laying on the ground motionless with a stab wound through the heart. Jim realized that his body had died. This had happened to many of the bodies Jim had used in his life. But this body Jim knew there was something different about it.

Never before had his life force stayed when his mortal body had died.

Jim looked up and back down quickly. In the time it took him to move his head the body had begun to heal itself. 

Jim got back into the body which sped up the healing proccess.

Immortal life Jim thought to himself. I could use this to rule the universe forever but that would be boring. Perhaps I shall travel the world with people in their own time. But how could I ever build a meaningful relationship knowing that life would last forever for me and only a short time for them.

Jim put his thoughs aside and walked towards the city of London there was some one he needed to see.

Jim arrived in London several hours later it was the year 1159 so the city was not very well developed but there were still a large number of people there. And the person he wanted to see had no signifigance at the time. 

Suprisingly Jim found who he was looking for just a minute after arriving in London. She was a petite girl with long flowing golden hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a long flowing purple dress that looked like it belonged at a ball not in the streets of London.

Jim turned to her and said “Brenda it has been a while since we have seen each other.”

“It has been a long time I wondered if you would ever come back to me” replied Brenda.

“After what has happened to me over the last week you will never have to worry about that again. I am bringing you along with me and I will be teaching you everything I know.’

“What do you mean by this.”

“I will bring you with me and I will teach you the secrets of the universe.”

“What do you mean by the secrets of the universe.’

“I will teach you the secret of eternal life. And then we can travel the world and then the universe forever. We will never be alone we will always have each other for the entirety of the universe. Will you come with me?”

“I will.”

“Excellent but you should change into something more practicial.”

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