"In A Hypothetical World" is basically a fictitious story about two people on opposing sides of an argument and the lengths they go to to prove they’re right.

Gary Gobsmacker thought he was a brilliant man and as a pastry cook, he thought he knew everything there was to know about pies and as a part time orchardist; he thought he knew everything there was to know about fruit, especially apples, his forte.

He knew that the world supply of apples was short and he believed at first that people should ration their apple intake, as that was in everyone’s best interests.

Gary came from Pipponia and he campaigned throughout his own country for people to reduce the amount of apples they ate, some cut down and some stopped, as they believed it was the right thing to do.

But in the neighbouring country of Appareca, people used more than their fair share of apples and they used them in apple pies, which was in their eyes, a traditional dish.

And the fact that these Apparecan people cut the apple up and put it in a pie infuriated Gary even more so than them using more than their quota.

“What a barbaric way to treat an apple,” he lamented.

“Apples are meant to be eaten fresh, off the tree.”

Many didn’t share this view though.

“Apple pies are yummy, we’ve eaten them for years and we really don’t have a problem with that, it’s our way of life,” retorted Gertie Gutfull, President of the Apparecan Apple Pie Eaters Association.

“And furthermore, who are you to tell us that we shouldn’t eat apple pies.”

“I am right and you are wrong,” screamed Gary back in reply.

“I’ll take my case to the World Apple Eaters Committee and make them stop you from dissecting apples and putting them in pies you barbarians.”

“Go ahead, make us,” responded Gertie. “We won’t bow to their wishes, after all, what can they do to us?”

“You people are fat pigs who stuff yourselves full of unhealthy apple pies and you will be stopped no matter what it takes,” yelled Gary.

Now to be safe, Gary started to push worldwide that people should stop using apples completely to ensure that the apples survive for future generations.

And he developed a band of followers who believed like Gary, that apples needed to be preserved so that there’d be some for our grandchildren.

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