It is hot they are perspiring. They wipe their faces every now and then.

1 son- [throwing off his spade] it is noon already and very hot. I cannot dig any more.
2nd son- [resting in his spade] indeed! I too am so tired and hot. And we have not found any gold so far.
3 son- look, out father lied to us. With such digging we could reach the inside of the earth, and gold yet?
4th son- you speak the truth, brother. Our father indeed lied to us. I am feeling so hungry and thirsty. Let us go home.

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Neighbor- aha! So you too are at work! I am so glad to see that. Now you will not be called lazy and good –for –nothing.
1st son- stops joking, uncle. We are not working at all.

Neighbor- [pointing towards the dug –up field] then what is all that? It is good work you have done.
2nd son – oh, we were only looking for the gold.
Neighbor- what gold?
3rd son- the gold our father buried here.
4th son- he told us so when he was dying last night. But, as you can see, we found nothing.
1st son- our father lied to us.

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[Enter second neighbor]
2nd- neighbor- no, your father never lied. He was a hard- working and pious man.
2nd son- where is the gold then?
2nd- neighbor- right there, in the dug up soil1
3rd son- but we don’t see any. 1st neighbor- our friends is right. The gold is right there in the soil!

[The farmer’s sons look at one another in bewilderment]
2nd neighbor- now that the field is dug up sows it with good seed. The gold you father talked about will come as a good crop.
1st neighbor- the good crop you will harvest will make you rich. That is your gold, but you have to make it.
1st son- I see! Our father was wise indeed! We could make much gold but we wasted our time in laziness.

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2nd son- : we are sorry uncle, to have talked ill about our father. Please forgive us.
3rd son-: shame on us to have been a burden on our old father.
Neighbor: – God bless you. There is nothing like hard and honest work.
4th son: – we thank you sirs for opening our eyes.

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