– It is true! You either did not communicate with God, as a result of not communicating with himself! Go on … you continue … The terms will simplify the problem, and soon you solve it without me, ‘I say desperate coward. It seemed that it was not possible, it was not rational, that was not human what Gabby demanded of me. He attributed his silence to stubbornness or lack of love Aragon. Creil free of mortal nature and earthly passions, and thought that, since not all men are born for saints … I was not in a position to devote all my life to a fruitless struggle, which would be no happiness in this bliss in the world or another. For how to be happy down here, loving a woman who refused to hear me? How not to climb the sky, without assistance from the hell of my despair?

-Do you … Go on … Father Manrique replied with visible anger. Do not try to apologize! What does that mean that not all men are born for saints? All, Don Ferdinand, all bliss we can because we are all born free! I already told you the night Lazaro query: “The saints were men of our own clay.” They just used their free will embracing the good, as you and I, and most men we compromise with evil, knowing that offend God and tarnish your soul!

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