Joe continues to relay his story of confusion. As he tries to decipher what is reality and what is a dream, his entire relationship with Iris may depend on whether he can put his head back on straight.

I nodded, biting down on my lips so I wouldn’t share the only words I could think of at that moment. Curses, especially the F-bomb, probably would’ve put me in a deeper hole than I was already in.

Now, the classroom is empty, but it doesn’t change how pissed I get when someone scolds me. Like it’s really necessary to talk down to someone just because you’re older. I don’t get teachers or adults sometimes.

“I can’t understand what’s gotten into you, lately, Jose!” Mr. Garrett’s voice was the kind that boomed through the room and is heard down the hall.

I can’t stop thinking of Iris as Mr. Garrett is laying into me. Which is a good thing because I need the distraction as he goes on and on and on.

“Jose, your grades are beyond slipping!”

I wonder if I can manage to catch Iris before the next period.

“You work is always at least a day late – “

Maybe if I planted a kiss on her against the lockers like she did to me… oh wait, that was another dream.

“Do you realize that this entire month your grade has dropped to a D average? How do you expect to stay on the basketball team, or even be allowed to start the football season?”

I guess if Mr. Garrett doesn’t lay up anytime soon, I won’t have time to catch Iris anyway. But, I really need to see her before her class with Gabby. What if Gabby talks to her before I do? This could get so much worse. Who knows what else she’ll say to Iris. I hate Gabby! Ugh!!!

“Jose! Did you just roll your eyes at me?!” Mr. Garrett’s voice was scary enough without the anger. Throwing his temper into the mix gets his whole face and shiny bald head all red and splotchy.

Oops. I didn’t mean for my anger at Gabby to show.

“What? No, no! I just had something in my eyes!” I need to get this situation under control. “Really, sometimes my eyelashes stick and – “

“Get out, Jose.” Mr. Garrett’s voice is suddenly calm as he points to the door.

Shocked, I don’t know what else to say but, “Ohhh – kayyyy.” I was more than a little confused with his actions. Grateful to go, but confused.

“I may not send you to detention for your grades since I feel they are a reflection on my abilities as a teacher. But, I will certainly have the principal speak to you about your lack of respect for me and my classroom.”

Liked it
  • V. Kahler-Anderson, aka HomeRearedChef on Jun 28, 2011

    I really like how the story is picking up. A job very well done (written!)!


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