Philippine Literature: Story summary of "Indirapatra and Sulayman" (Buod ng "Indirapatra at Sulayman"), epic of Mindanao. Also a legend of Mindanao island.

Philippines: Epic / Legends

“Indirapatra and Sulayman” (Indirapatra at Sulayman) is one of the four parts of the “Darangan,” the longest, oldest, and most popular Moslem epic of the Philippines.

The Darangan tells of the famous people in Mindanao; “Indirapatra at Sulayman” specifically is the story of Emperor Indirapatra from the kingdom of Mantapuli.

Indirapatra was an intelligent and just king. He taught his people livelihood ways like proper planting and farming, catching fish, weaving of clothes, and administration of medicine through the use of plants and herbs.

Summary of Indirapatra and Sulayman (Buod ng Indirapatra at Sulayman)           

During the early days, there were no plains yet in the island of Mindanao. The mountains were where the people lived peacefully and happily, until, they were invaded by four fearsome monsters.

Kurita was the first monster. He had great strength and had many legs. He could easily gorge five humans in one sitting.

The second monster was Tarabusaw. He lived in Mount Matutum. His features were ugly and he didn’t give any pity to his victims.

The third monster was Pah, a giant bird with large wings that shadowed all of Mount Bita.

The fourth monster was the great monster that had seven heads and seven eyes, which made him see all so that no humans could hide and escape from him.

Because of great fear, the people run to the caves of the mountains. King Indirapatra felt so much concern about the fears and sufferings of his people because of the four monsters. So he called for his brother Prince Sulayman, whom he ordered to take revenge for the lives of the slain. King Indirapatra gave Prince Sulayman a ring and a sword and the latter proceeded to fulfill his mission. Then King Indirapatra hung a plant on his window to predict the fate of his brother.

When Prince Sulayman arrived at the mountain invaded by Kurita, there were no longer humans to be seen. Prince Sulayman swore to avenge them. Then the whole mountain trembled and Kurita appeared. The two fought until Kurita was defeated. Upon his success, Prince Sulayman proceeded to Mount Matutum to face Tarabusaw.

From the top of the mountain, Prince Sulayman saw that several lives of the people were lost. So he challenged Tarabusaw to appear and fight him. The branches of the trees snapped and Tarabusaw appeared heaving a huge branch towards Sulayman. The Prince gripped his sword and after a long fight, the monster was defeated. Prince Sulayman pierced with his sword the chest of Tarabusaw. When he was sure that it was dead, Prince Sulayman traveled to Mount Bita to challenge Pah, the giant bird.

Prince Sulayman was crest-fallen when he saw that there were no more people in the houses. It wasn’t long till the skies darkened and the enemy arrived. The prince wielded his sword and the wing of the giant bird split. Unfortunately, the giant wing fell upon Sulayman and he was buried on the ground.

King Indirapatra knew of his brother’s misfortune because the plant on his window wilted. He swore that he would avenge his brother.

After he lifted the giant bird’s wing, King Indirapatra saw the limp body of Prince Sulayman. The heavens opened and water poured then everything was lighted. The King poured the water over his brother’s body and there was a miracle. Prince Sulayman stood up! King Indirapatra was astounded. He embraced his brother because of great joy.

King Indirapatra could no longer bear if the life of Sulayman would be endangered again. So King Indirapatra asked Prince Sulayman to return to their home, while he, Indirapatra searched for the last monster that lived in Mount Kurayan.

The monster appeared, but he had no chance against the King’s sword. After his triumph, a lovely fairy appeared and gave thanks to King Indirapatra.

King Indirapatra fell in love with the maiden’s beauty, until, they got married. After the ceremony, the water from the ocean disappeared and a huge land mass appeared. This was where Indirapatra lived – in the island of Mindanao. -The End. -

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