Monster Bob attempts to sneak in after five year old Private Ethan.

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This last week started like any other week. The alarm went of early, my soldiers came back from their weekend leave of absence at their dads, and all seemed like a fine day at camp. As the sun began to set, I, captain of our little army, received word from our youngest, Private Ethan, that there was a fear of a blue shaggy monster hanging in the air.

After a long conference with all three privates: Private Trenten, Private Jon, and Private Ethan, we learned all the information necessary about the impending blue shaggy monster. The blue shaggy monster – Monster Bob – first appeared on Scooby Doo, before it was intentionally blown out of proportion by nine year old Private Trenten. Our first line of action was to attempt to control the fear of Monster Bob. Private Trenten did an excellent job at being my right hand man in this first plan of attack. Private Jon was unable to contribute as the natural curiosity of the six year old Private causes a weeks worth of “What If” questions and only add fuel to five year old Private Ethan’s imagination.

The second attempt of action was to set up defense at various points of interest within camp to insure that Monster Bob didn’t invade the camp walls. We made sure all the windows was shut so he couldn’t get in and shut the curtains so he couldn’t see in. Although I was unsure if monsters could reach the 3rd floor, Private Ethan passed on the information that “They are tall.” I posted my camp at the door of the bedroom until all my privates were asleep, as well as in the bathroom while Private Ethan brushed his teeth. All other times, we were subjected to make camp in the living room, which as I am head of the defense team was not allow to the bathroom alone.

While we made sure all defense tactics were in place all week long, we only had one breech early the last morning, as private Ethan got up before everyone else and had discovered I had retired to my own bunk, on which he promptly woke me up before 6am to check to make sure the enemy had not slipped in. All in all, we survived this week invasion of monster. Hopefully, we have just as much luck next week.

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  • Anna Potthoff on Jul 27, 2009

    What a crack up your boys are! I was definitly entertained. I am glad you shared with me and Pabla!

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