This Story was inspired by actual events that I experienced last year. I decided to share it with you to depict the insecure and diabolic nature of older Jamaican women who think that the answers to their marital problems is the annihilation, humiliation and bashing of younger women.

                        Jamaican men, wives and sweet hearts: Meet Mrs. Insecure



              Last year I had a very scary yet intriguing experience with this older well off guy who became my friend overnight. Apparently he was having problems in his marriage and I had become somewhat of a therapist for him. I must admit that we had begun to spend an inordinate amount of time together and I suspected that he was falling in love/lust with me. 

                  He was a great guy; I felt sorry for him and for what his nagging, aggressive and belligerent wife was putting him through. We had become good friends but to tell you the truth I was not sexual attracted to him. I saw him as only a friend. An older man who appeared to be falling in love with me and I knew that was not good.

                       It was three weeks after we met and began spending an enormous amount of time together when I received a call from a woman who cursed me out for taking her husband. She called me “human fecal matter” and a little strumpet. I hung my phone up feeling indignant for being bashed for keeping a married man. Additionally I was very upset with my friend because he was unable to secure my private line that I gave to him. The woman kept calling my phone and hurling threats and profanities at me. I decided that I would change my number. Then I second thought it and decided that this was my private line and I would not allow an insecure, overwrought, bellicose woman to dictate whether or not I should keep my phone number since people who meant the most to me had this number. Why should they pay for her inability to feel secure in her marriage?

                         She called and I told her along with a barrage of expletives to never call my phone again and deal with the issues that she is facing in her marriage because I am not the enemy.  I explained to her that the cure for her marriage was not attacking me because if she gets rid of me with threats and do not solve the inherent problems in her marriage she will have several other women to deal with in the future. She needs to confront her husband and not me because I was harmless. I told her to cease contacting me and handle her relational problems like a grown woman and not a lovelorn teenager. I did not hear from her again.

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  • sunshine926 on Jan 19, 2010

    Wow! Excellent story and I am so glad that you confronted Ms. Insecure. The way you handled the situation was very good I have to say. She is the child not you. How dare her call you to insult you and even set someone up to murder you. Good thing that your brother is a detective. And your older friend sorry to say wasn’t your friend. But situations like this happen all the time because men look for problems. You are harmless and have nothing to do with it nor were you attracted to this guy whatsoever. She saw you as a complete threat and went bullistic. Here in the United States, a guy can’t even glance at another woman when he is with his girlfriend without the girlfriend either giving the other woman, a total stranger the evil look. Great title and wonderful story of a stupid insecure idiot. Good thing that you told her you were harmless and if she did get rid of you she would have to deal with other women.

  • Ruby Hawk on Jan 19, 2010

    You have the right solution. Do not get involved with married men. There is no future in it. Date single men your own age. There is a good reason for it and you have learned that lesson.

  • AlmaG on Jan 19, 2010

    Yes it’s a good thing you chose not to get involved with a married man. You do not deserve to be called “The other woman” you deserve to be called “My one and only.”

  • Nitin Mudgal on Jan 19, 2010

    Thanks for Great story.

  • devsir on Jan 20, 2010


  • albert1jemi on Jan 20, 2010

    thats was good one

  • amandeep13 on Jan 21, 2010

    Good Stuff

    Keep the good work on

  • St Angels on Jan 21, 2010

    Good one!

  • Bella on Jun 11, 2010

    That was an interesting yet very crazy story. I always knew that dating a married man was not a smart move. A friend of mine has been dating a married man for almost 10 years now and she loves being the other woman. Funny thing is, she thinks that she is the only one he is cheating on his wife with when actually there are several others. Great story and lesson learned.

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