Part of the selection process depends on your ability to be social. Therefore, this job interview takes place in a bar. Would you want to work with these people?

Awkward. This wasn’t exactly a job interview. At least not the way he had been expecting it to be. Then again, this was definitely not equivalent to hanging out with his friends. His would-be boss was leaning over the pool table, beer resting on the edge, squinting and calculating his odds of making this shot. Other people he recognized were sitting at the table, viciously removing the flesh from Buffalo wings. Poor buffalo. They were talking about the NFL. He couldn’t follow the names and teams, but most of the jokes made sense. Kind of. His lack of understanding made him smile when everyone else laughed.

Done with the billiards, the boss came back, opened his arms wide to indicate inclusion of the Buffalo eaters and said “So to give you guys an idea, this is ******* Pro. This is what we do all the time.” The possible recruit next to him lifted his beer closer to his mouth and replied with a “Sick” before closing the gap and gulping it down. Was his name Ron? They’d been introduced earlier, but he kept spacing out at random moments. Later in the evening he noticed that he stopped paying attention when he made an effort to focus. His conclusion was that he didn’t really want to be there at the moment.

Mingling, he handled himself quite well. There were jokes, knowing smiles, flashing of teeth, admiration and surprise (faked?) in response to questions asked and answers given. His acting career seemed to have paid off. It was just like improv sessions. The foosball table in the corner was increasing its popularity. Walk over to it. Challenge the boss. Everyone gathered around. The game would consist of a two-on-two. Ron was his partner. The boss sided with a manager named Andrew. Andrew likes to talk. Apparently.

“Nothing gets past this defense. This is some stone-cold defending right here.”

Goal. Silence. “Lucky shot.”

“Yeah right!” Andrew turns on his outspoken fellow manager. “If you say that again I’m going to take an axe to your face. Swear to G-d. Straight to the face.” Everyone laughs and Andrew smiles.

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