A young boy figures out that his annoying little sister isn’t so bad after all.

“Mom, Kalie’s in my room again!” Jordan’s voice bellowed through the house.

“What’s the matter now?”  Mother asked walking towards the all the noise.  

“I’m trying to play my game and she won’t leave me alone.”

“She just wants to be a part of what you are doing; can’t you just let her hold a controller like she is playing?”  Mother tried to reason with him.

“No!  I want to play myself, and she gets in the way,” He replied pointing to Kalie, digging in his games.

“Okay, I’ll take her, but try to remember she’s only three.”  Mother picked Kalie up and left the room.

In the morning, Kalie pushed her way into the bathroom when Jordan was brushing his teeth.

“My brush!”  She told him over and over.

“No, this is mine; yours is the pink one.”  He tried to get her to understand but then she started screaming. 

Mother, who heard the yells, came and took Kalie away to her room. 

“A guy can’t even brush his teeth in private around here,” Jordan said looking in the mirror.

Jordan was ten years old and very proud of that, and he thought he was very grown up.  He could ride his bike with no hands, could do an ollie on his skateboard, and he could get all the way through his favorite video game.  He just didn’t know how to deal with a three- year- old little sister.  He loved her, and she was real cute, only she got into all his stuff and wouldn’t leave him alone. 

Jordan came home from school with  his friends. “Mom, can Jake and Kevin come in and play Space Cry 4 with me?”

“Okay, but not too long you have to get ready to go to your father’s house”

“Yeah, he said he had a surprise for me.  I hope it’s the new hand-held game I wanted.  I’ve been waiting so long for that.”  Jordan’s face lit up and he and his friends went to his room, chattering all the way.  The boys were sitting on the floor playing when Kalie came in.

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