Whilst idly watching a Documentary Channel TV programme called “Jungle” I was suddenly inspired to type what follows: a sketch or play:



John: Scientist.

Susan: Scientist.

David: Gorilla.

Scene: John, a scientist, and Susan, his colleague are both setting up cameras in a clearing of a tropical jungle. All the cameras point to somewhere to the left of this clearing.


Susan: (adjusting a camera): Still can’t see any sign of those gorillas, John.

John (shielding his eyes as he looks at the target): They’ll be out again soon Susan, they always are at this time.

Susan: Sue to you professor Shield! You lot in that institute of yours are so formal!

John: Your lot aren’t much better, Professor Mathers! I had to break an arm and a leg to get you on this project with me.

Susan: And what exactly are you going to show me sir?

John: Well, Sue, over there we have one of the largest breeds of gorillas. And it happens to be their mating season.

Susan: So you do have an interest in sex then? (Teasingly) Is that why you’ve brought me with you?

John: I could do a lot worse Sue. You are a stunner you know!

Susan: And you’re a hunk! I’ve been fancying you for ages!

(They stare long and hard at each other).

John:  We are quite alone here, Sue.

(They clasp hands, run together into a space to the far right, lie down together, and start kissing and cuddling).

(Enter David The Gorilla. Seeing the couple he grabs a camera, sets it going and points it at them).

David (With David Attenborough-like voice): Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and most importantly, fellow gorillas. And here we have a dominant male and equally dominant female human. As you can see, they have just initiated the human mating ritual….(fades out).


(The scene darkens until nothing can be seen nor heard).



Liked it
  • Jimmy Shilaho on Dec 17, 2010

    Hahahaha….that was creative. I have always thought that these animals could also be talking about us. You just proved me right.

  • PaulB on Dec 17, 2010

    Thanks Le… er Shil, it IS made up dont forget! Was centred as a script too but no worries. Glad you liked.

  • bigpapadan on Dec 17, 2010

    Paul, that was great! Very novel concept for the piece. Big thumbs up.

  • PaulB on Dec 17, 2010

    Cheers Dan.

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