A short story featuring two kids who get caught up in a scare house gone wrong.
Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s "A Sound of Thunder"

It seems like a lot of my short stories begin with "Alex was scared" but this is the only one I have ever completed.

Alex was scared. She was more scared then she had ever been in her whole life. Her older brother Steven was right next to her, but that did not comfort her at all-he was always trying to play pranks on her, or scare her with knowledge. It seemed that he was more confused at the current events, then scared. They were walking through the fake grass in the museum. The museum had a special teen night for half-off admission to see “The Virtual Dinosaur Exhibit. THE place to not only watch dinosaurs, but interact with pterodactyls to T-Rex’s.” Alex and Steven had gone to the exhibit several times, and Alex had even stayed over night with her friends. She was no longer scared of the dinosaurs. She knew they where fake, even though they looked like they could eat you up for a midnight snack. 
    ”Steven, do you know what is happen-” Alex was interrupted by a large flash and booming sound, as if there was lightning coming out of the ground. Steven yelled “Duck Alex!” Normally Alex would not listen to him, because he just walk over to her and say “Got you good didn’t I?” This time however, their was sincerity in his voice. Alex was on the ground in an instant. Something whizzed by her head very fast. She looked behind her and she could see something flaming about 20 yards away. Steven said “do you smell that Alex?” 
    ”Yeah, I think its burning rubber. The museum would not have a meteorite strike would they? I am going to check that burning thing out.” She trotted over the burning thing, the stench becoming even greater. She could see make out huge teeth in the burning mass. After examining it for a few minutes she realized what it was-it was a robot T-Rex head! She could see pieces of metal sticking out, that were warped. Just as she was about to walk away, back to Steven, when there was a flash and a big crackle from the Burning T-Rex head. She screamed, and the plastic grass all around her started melting. She starting running, but her shoes were already melting. Once she got to Steven, she tried to take of her shoes, but they were melted and burned so much, that they would not come off. They started running towards the exit before the whole place caught on fire. All Alex could think as they were running, was “Somebody is going to get sued for this.” A very small dinosaur ran past them and every time it stepped, they heard a buzz-flizztt as if the motor was shorting out. “Every time I’ve seen a small dinosaur run away here, it means there is a carnivore behind him.” Alex did not pay much attention to this because she knew he was trying to scare her. A few minutes later, when they could see the “Exit” sign, the ground started shaking. In front of them, stood a giant brontosaurus, with its giant tail swinging back and forth. Alex knew for sure now, that there was a carnivore behind them, but it was a long walk to the other exits. She also did not know how much of the landscape was on fire. They had to chance the giant tail. “Let’s go around to the front of the giant herba-thingie, and use it as a shield against the carnivore, whatever it might turn out to be. I think that the herba-thingie is blocking the exit.” shouted Stephen. By the time they got around the brontosaurus, it had moved away from the exit some. Just as Stephen was shoving the heavy door, Alex looked back and saw that the carnivore was the T-Rex that’s head had blown off! They jumped out side and Alex thought “Safe at last!” Just as she was about to say something to Stephen, a bolt of lightning flashed right in front of them.

Liked it
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