Kailash Singh, latest invoice Man in the World.

Kailash Singh latest invoice is considered as the man in the world because over the past 37 years has not had a bath. The man from India is indeed strange, why not when asked the reason, why he did not shower for a very long period of time, he replied that he did this ritual that will someday get a boy.

Besides the uniqueness of Kailash Singh by ordinary people are, where that common folk do not shower for 2 or 3 days is feeling itchy. But this does not apply to Singh, the evidence during the past 37 years he never washed at all.

Meanwhile his wife, Kalavati Devi who is 60 years old also can not understand the mindset of her husband. Devi often threaten not want to share a bed if Singh did not bathe, but the threat was not ignored, so Devi finally gave up.

You can imagine how the body odor Singh who daily work in the fields under the hot sun temperature of 47 degrees centigrade. Singh is the only way to clean the body is just a ritual ‘fire bath’ of dancing around the campfire every night and prayed.

“We are trying to bathe her by force, but he always rebelled and ran away. He said he chose to die rather than have a bath. Anyway, he would only bathe when I have a son,” Devi said, as quoted from Dailymail, Friday (24/6 / 2011).

Not only his wife who was troubled, villagers especially the children, too many are making fun of Singh. Every time Singh passed on his bicycle, children often run to follow behind him shouting taunts like, “No bath! No Shower!”

Unlike Devi and other villagers, namely Pooja Singh’s eldest son actually proud of his father’s behavior made him so popular at school. 16 years old girl is claiming many are curious to meet with Singh just to see firsthand.

“My friends always wondered how my father could live for years without a bath. Many of those who want to see it with my own eyes” says Pooja.

Until now there has been no official world record is related to a person’s body odor. But with a strange habit that never bathe and shave the hair for 37 years, Singh seems to have qualified to be candidates for the smell of humans worldwide.

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